• Період з 1918 до 1929 рр. - "золоте десятиліття" розвитку краєзнавства та екскурсійної діяльності в Радянському Союзі. Характеристика діяльності туристичних організацій країни. Розвиток іноземного туризму. Основні напрямки діяльності "Інтуристу".

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  • История развития футбольного клуба "Ливерпуль": первые достижения, лучшие игроки и голы. Билл Шенкли, Боб Пэйслей, Джо Феган, Кенни Далглиш как менеджеры команды, их вклад в становление "Ливерпуля". Суть брюссельских событий и трагедии в "Хиллсборо".

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  • Характеристика аэропортов различных стран мира, которые считаются самыми неудачными, некомфортными, грязными и проблемными: им. Шарля де Голля (Париж); "Шереметьево" (РФ); английский "Хитроу"; Лос-Анджелеса и Нью-Йорка, Дели и Бомбея (Индия); Манилы.

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  • Древние чудеса света - краткая характеристика: Великая пирамида в Гизе, Мавзолей в Галикарнасе, Колосс Родосский, Александрийский маяк, Храм Артемиды в Эфесе, статуя Зевса в Олимпии, Висячие сады Вавилона. Оценка их потенциала для экскурсионного туризма.

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  • Cross Country skiing. Top Ten Ski Resorts. The correct length of ski poles. Skis used for ski jumping. Carrying out of the big marathons in Europe and the North America. The fastest recorded speed for a man on skis. The fastest Alpine ski sport.

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  • The concept and essence of baseball, its importance to the United States. Basic rules of the game for two rival teams, the location of the starting base on the baseball field. The role of the pitcher, hitters and batters the ball players in baseball.

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  • History and evolution of basketball. Key terms used in sport. The essence of basketball games, required elements, the number of players. Optimal growth in the game. Weight basketball ball. The situation of players on the field. Maneuvering in the game.

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  • The beautiful place in New York. Manhattan Chinatown – quarter. inhabited mainly by immigrants from China. Little Italy the most famous example of the Italian quarter USA. Center Theater District in New York. Times Square is a symbol of the United States.

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  • Features provide an endless stream of tourists visiting Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot and their immediate neighbors. Two pronounced examples of involving the private sector in the process of creating the tourism product of the two cities: Gdynia and Sopot.

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  • Curling - participants at the two teams on the ice allowed special heavy granite shells toward the marked target on the ice. Olympic sport, which consists in the descent from the snowy slopes of the mountains and the special projectile – snowboarding.

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  • Market information for rural tourism enterprises or family agritourism businesses about the actual willingness to pay. The study investigates the influence of demographic features on consumer's WTP. Analysis is based on the independent samples T-test.

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  • The history of dressage. Preparing to learn dressage. The emphasis in horsemanship is on dressage, which provides a foundation training that enhances performance in any discipline, from show jumping to driving. The basic rules to improve riding skills.

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  • Determination of influence of shortterm caffeine supplementation on immune response and stress index in male athletes after an exhaustive aerobic exercise. Analysis of the importance of vigorous intense exercise, which can cause immune system disorders.

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  • Football is played in accordance with a set of rules known as the Laws of the Game. Games revolving around the kicking of a ball have been played in many countries throughout history. The laws of the game are currently determined the International Foot.

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  • History of the base and the rule of "Formula 1" - the world championship for circuit racing on the Open-wheel car. Grand prix: free rides, qualification, race, World Championship and the Constructors Championship. Main characteristics of fireballs.

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  • История создания первой глобальной дистрибьюторской системы (GDS) в начале 60-х годов ХХ века и ее использование в авиаиндустрии. История и характеристика четырех глобальных систем бронирования на сегодняшний день: Amadeus, Galileo, Worldspan, Sabre.

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  • Germany: territory, culture, population, economics, government, money, communications and education. Excursion in the Bavarian Forest National Park. The great number of attractions in every part of the country. Dresden art gallery of old masters.

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  • Achievements and scandals at the Olympics in Sochi. The biggest victory of Russia: the creation of a large infrastructure, organization of Games, won 33 medals in different sports. Russian champions: Alexander Zubkov, Tatyana Volosozhar, Maxim Trankov.

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  • Hitchhiking is a great way to travel that allows you to really get to know the locals. It is important to choose a good spot to hitchhike. A lot of hitchers debate whether to use signs or not. Ride sharing agencies are a good alternative to hitchhiking.

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  • Unique proven methodology to develop good physical, mental and emotional relationship with the horse. Recommendations on how to improve the form, release tension and find a balance, improve the comfort of you and horse is physically and psychologically.

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