• Top 10 countries whose residents provided the most visits to Ukraine. Crucial support for Ukraine's economy of the tourism industry in Ukraine. Resources for tourism development in Ukraine. Benefits Expected from Ukraine Developing Tourism Resources.

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  • Особенности и составные элементы индустрии гостеприимства. Хостел-услуги в индустрии гостеприимства. Этапы проектирования и внедрения PR–кампании хостел-услуг на гостиничный рынок. Выявление основных проблем отеля "Золотой треугольник" Санкт-Петербург.

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  • Рассмотрение значения Public Relations в продвижении туристического бизнеса. PR в туризме можно условно разделить на два основных направления: деятельность стран по привлечению туристов и деятельность туристических фирм по привлечению клиентов.

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  • Obstacles that hamper the development of tourism in Ukraine and the mechanism of public-private partnerships to address them. Opportunities for PPP in tourism to overcome the challenges to development of this sector; priority projects for implementation.

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  • The seasonality of demand in the hotel industry and its dependence on the location of the hotel. The popularity of resorts focused on health care. Measures to attract customers to the hotel: discounts, services, etc. Seasonality in Saint-Petersburg.

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  • Main tourist sights of England. Westminster Abbey is a living church, the traditional place of coronation and burial site for monarchs. Pictures of greatest artists is in Buckingham Palace. The London Eye and the Tower of London are tourist attractions.

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  • Description the most popular of British games. The form of the players of cricket, number of team members. The design of the wicket, the size and composition of ball. The number of professional clubs in the English football League. The origins of rugby.

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  • Private and Institutionalized Activities. American Sports, Violence and Sports. Commercial Aspects, Professional and College Sports. Student Athletes and Academic Performance. Winning, Colleges, Universities Sports. Kinds of Sports, Baseball, Basketball.

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  • The history of sports. First sports: wrestling, boxing, running, games related to hunting, sports in the UK. Organization and holding of the first Olympic games. Most рopular sports in the world football (soccer), basketball, cricket, tennis, baseball.

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  • Detection of the degree of efficiency the organization and conduct classes on football with students 6 to 10 years in Ukraine. The indexes of the pulse energy and the cost of various options for training sessions, traditional held in the sections.

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  • The history of sailing sport. Major attacks and strokes. Swimming legs and stroke. The main types of races. Starting and turns. Grab the beginning. Water security. Nutrition. Engineering food during the competition. Features synchronized swimming.

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  • SWOT-анализ развития внутреннего и выездного туризма в Приморском крае, матрица сильных и слабых сторон, угроз и возможностей отрасли. Оценка состояния и перспектив развития международного туризма. Структура туристского потенциала Приморского края.

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  • Uzbekistan possesses enormous tourist potential аnd recreational resources, here lay the Great silk way, played significant role in integrations of the Orient and West. Our Government actively assists the development international and national tourism.

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  • London is the British capital and one of the biggest cities in the world. London is situated upon both banks of the River Thames. The best places of the West End. Historical places as well the famous parks. To the east the large area called the East End.

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  • Butler`s concept of the destination. S-shaped cycle model. The exploration stage characteristic. Rapid tourism growing and changes in all aspects of the tourism sector in the region. The strategic planning process. Development of the destination Myvatn.

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  • Evaluation of the effect of exercise on stretching on prevention of hypotension during one-hour sessions in girls, leading a sedentary lifestyle and have normal blood pressure. Training strategy for it to reduce mean arterial pressure in young girls.

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  • History of origin of the game of football and its popularity in the UK. Team members, its objectives and rules of the game. History of Football Association and the football club. First FA Cup and first league, the first international game and its results.

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  • New York as a luxury mansions in Greenwich Village, China Town and gleaming downtown skyscrapers. Touristic attractions of USA: Statue of Liberty, the skyscraper Empire State Building, Times Square, the Rocky Mountain. The history of Miami city.

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  • Determine the physical development and physical fitness of the boys at the age of nine years old attending football classes. Assessment of the physical development. Consideration the somatic built indicator which was calculated according to Rohrer index.

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  • Important role to play in the major muscles of postural awareness and healthy movement, vital muscle fitness for drivers, riders, runners to achieve good results. A unique program of exercises to train different muscle groups at any place and at any time.

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