• Ацилирование - это введение ацильной группы (ацила) RCO в молекулу органического соединения путем замещения атома водорода. Механизм замещения. Ацилирование по Фриделю-Крафтсу. Образование донорно-акцепторного комплекса из ацилгалогенида и кислоты Льюиса.

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  • Исходные данные и характеристика предприятия. Прогноз конъюнктуры рынка. Определение затрат и доходов. Формирование потока чистых средств. Оценка экономической и коммерческой эффективности инвестиций. Страхование коммерческого риска и юридическая защита.

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  • Финансовое состояние предприятия. Стратегия продвижения новых марок пива. Определение затрат и доходов. Формирование потока чистых средств. Оценка экономической и коммерческой эффективности инвестиций. Страхование коммерческого риска и юридическая защита.

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  • Скрининг в качестве потенциальных противовирусных агентов взаимодействия этиловых эфиров 2-гидрокси-4-оксо-4Н-пиридо[1,2-а]пиримидин-3-карбоновых кислот с 2-арилэтиламинами в кипящем этиловом спирте. Синтез группы соответствующих фенетил-карбоксамидов.

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  • Закономірності антиокиснювальної дії N-фенілантранілатів лужноземельних металів в різних дисперсійних середовищах. Кінетичні механізми обриву ланцюгів окиснення органічних сполук. Пошук малотоксичних поліфункціональних присадок до нафтопродуктів, біопалив

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  • Definition, the basic physical and chemical properties, advantages and possibilities of application of nano-emulsions in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, chemical industries. Characteristics of the methods and mechanisms for obtaining nanoemulsions.

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  • To study the prospects of using nanoemulsion in the modern pharmaceutical industry. Bioavailability of colloidal solutions. The ability of the solubility of nanoemulsions and their ability to protect drugs from hydrolysis and enzymatic degradation.

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  • Using transmission electron microscopy methods the layer by layer analysis of the bulk hardened superior quality rails is carried out, phase state and defect substructure gradients are established. Character of changing of structure-phase states.

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  • Development of modern molecular technology. Existing protein machines, designing with protein. Universal Assemblers - these second-generation nanomachines, built of more than just proteins. Molecular computers, nanocomputers and disassemblers today.

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  • The influence of the value of trading partner countries, increasing the distance between them on the level of trade. Transport costs, tariffs as constraints of trade between countries. The modelling of trade flows and the paradox of the "border puzzle".

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  • The results of the study for both the national culture perspective and the transaction cost perspective. Erramilli's prediction that firms from a country with high PDI and UAI tend to choose the majority ownership when entering a foreign market.

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  • The current state of development of higher education in the European Union. The process of harmonizing and adapting the European framework of qualifications the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) in the member countries of the European Union.

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  • Football or soccer as one of the most popular games in the British Isles. Places in Britain associated with a particular kind of sport. Squash as one of the fastest games in the world. The most famous boat-race in England is between Oxford and Cambridge.

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  • Using the three lions on the icon England football and сricket team. Analysis of a red rose as the country's national flower. The essence of the creation of the United Kingdom flag. Hanging alliance banner on government buildings in marking the days.

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  • Native Americans in the United States are the indigenous peoples in North America within the boundaries of the present-day continental USA, parts of Alaska, and the state of Hawaii. History of moving of Europeans to America from the end of 15th century.

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  • The concept of a tornado like spiral bell wind flow connected to a large Cumulus or rain clouds, their basic types: landspout, tornadoes whirlwinds and tornadoes. The sources of their formation and distribution on all continents except Antarctica.

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  • Increasing attack of the principle of natural selection for any number of assumed faults. The accusation of tautological reasoning. The purpose of the theory: differential reproduction, hand of nature. Miscommunications on testability. Determinate form.

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  • Grand Canyon is largely contained within the Grand Canyon National Park. Great Barrier Reef - the world's largest coral reef system. Harbor of Rio de Janeiro. Mount Everest or Qomolangma or Sagarmatha. Polar Aurora and Parcutin volcano. Victoria Falls.

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  • A basic overview of the theory of planar antenna near-field measurements. Determination of far-field pattern from a near-field measurement. Advantages of this technique compared to far-field antenna measurement. Brief history of near-field scanning.

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  • The history of music in XIX-th century in a form other than that of monographs about the leading composers, interspersed with outlines of cultural history which find room for the "minor masters". The composers of the works which constitute the "canon".

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