• A novel method of digital modulation with a high spectral efficiency, called the Angle Modulated M-ary Quadrature Amplitude Modulation. The main advantage of EM-MQAM is an ability to transmit a multilevel MQAM constellation as a constant envelope signal.

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  • Характеристика методов определения координат отдельных пунктов: абсолютные и относительные. Особенности статического способа позиционирования. Порядок классификации автономного метода. Главные преимущества метода PPP и процесс обработки данных ГНСС.

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  • Investigated improving the main characteristics and parameters of the nano devices in case of microprocessors and memory devices. Held extrapolation forecasts improve the parameters nanocircuits. Analyzed the growth of the market of flash memory.

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  • Two large groups of sources of uncertainty at various stages of construction of neural networks. These groups are discussed in the article and recommend action’s for their reduction have been proposed. The process of diagnostic sand prognostication.

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  • Створення системи контролю і обмеження доступу в приміщення на основі безконтактного зчитування та ідентифікації радіо-частотних міток (RFID). Приховане зчитування, підслуховування. Теорія криптографії методом пар ключів - відкритого і закритого.

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  • Работа бесконтактных смарт-карт, регламентируемая стандартом ISO 14443. Классификация и разновидности используемых меток, особенности их применения и функционал. Устройство Смарт-карты, принцип ее работы, области применения. Структура карт Mifare.

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  • Система радиочастотной идентификации, ее структура, типы и отличительные особенности. Высокочастотные системы и сферы их практического применения. Системы, работающие в СВЧ диапазоне, требования к ним. Технологии производства меток или транспондеров.

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  • Метод автоматической идентификации объектов с использование радиосигналов при считывании и записи данных. Классификация RFID-меток. Принцип работы RFID-системы, ее схематичное устройство. Преимущества и недостатки технологии по сравнению со штрих-кодами.

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  • Микропроцессоры с архитектурой RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computers). Наиболее известные RISC-микропроцессоры. Начало развития архитектуры "RISC". Повышение тактовой частоты. Программа, ограниченная лишь восемью регистрами для каждой процедуры.

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  • Method of forming the sensitive elements of sensors magnetic field as a spinvalve type multilayer structures based on Co and Cu. The study their magnetoresistive properties. Calculation of the magnetic sensitivity of the samples with a fixed thickness.

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  • Asymptotic properties of an online gradient algorithm with a constant step size used to study in a neural network a model of nonlinear systems having a single hidden layer. Substantiation of the conditions guaranteeing the convergence of this algorithm.

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  • Mathematical approach to problems in signal interpretation with using the methods for texture identification, segmentation, template matching, pattern recognition. Fundamental basics about analog and discrete signals, linear systems, Fourier transforms.

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  • Profound n- and p-type silicon monocrystals. Effect of hole and electronic conductivity in semiconductors on the of anodic etching. Correlation between the microstructure of silicon, the dislocation density and the lifetime of minority carriers.

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  • Mathematical modelling methods in the processes of the formation and transmission of the signals of avionic systems. Model of the modulation processes having different initial data. Implementation of the model using the modulation system Simulink.

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  • History of the invention and the principle of the phone. Features of cellular communications and mobile phones as one of the most popular inventions in the world. Biography of Alexander Graham Bell. History of the evolution of telephone technologies.

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  • Characteristics of television in South Korea, the impact on everyday life. A number of national television networks and cable operators in the country. The history of Korean television drama and the first series. The development of broadcasting in Korea.

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  • Review of new methods of navigation accuracy adjustment. Explanation of the terms accuracy, reliability in terms of calculating the coordinates. A comparative analysis of the methods of calculating the coordinates, convergence estimates of their results.

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  • Astatic system of the frequency-locked loop with improved noise immunity. Increasing noise immunity by applying radiopulses convert the spectrum of the input harmonic signal. Implementation radiopulses Converter of the spectrum of the harmonic signal.

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  • Social Networks - an integral part of modern life for people around the world. The form of social media for interactive educational, informational or entertainment purposes only. Instant Messaging, get news and a variety of information via the Internet.

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  • Analisys of hotelling decision statistics generator using quadrature channel signals decorrelation at the level of structural schemes. Consideration of detection procedures characteristics with and without the use of quadrature components decorrelation.

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