• Разработка топливных баков для переохлаждённого кислорода без использования внешней теплоизоляции корпуса. Конструкция крупногабаритного раздельного клапана окислителя. Пневмогидравлическая система подачи компонентов топлива в систему маршевых двигателей.

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  • Сутність програмного комплексу розрахунку досліджуваних оболонок за наявності неоднорідного періодичного в окружному напрямі напружено-деформованому стані. Аналіз нижньої частини спектру частот, форм власних поперечних коливань і енергії деформації.

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  • Тульский оружейный завод - мировой центр военных технологий; 300-летие Российской кузнице оружия. История основания: жалованная грамота от царя Михаила Фёдоровича; утверждение и массовое производство винтовки Мосина, пулемёта Максим, автомата Калашникова.

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  • Design, develop Micro Air vehicle system provides a platform to support a very wide variety of missions for the small unit. Further miniaturization of electronics and sensors these vehicles to become even smaller and to operate in complex environments.

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  • The roller of the belt as the most important parts of the conveyor, being subjected to continuous stress both during operation and in stopping periods. Causes and weight percentage of failures due to fatigue. Sealing system with simple labyrinth.

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  • Defining features of the motion of moving the controls in vibroudarnogo qualifier. Analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of processing of minerals. Creating an analytic function, which could describe the trajectory of the mass center of the rink.

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  • Study of features of lysergic acid diethylamide opening. Characteristic aspects of cornflakes in the United States. Analysis of the background of the invention of the pacemaker. Characteristics based on the version of the discoverer of anesthesia.

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  • Description of main activities CAE Partner GmbH аn Enterprise of the MSC Group, foundation of the company and development of its in Europe. Software-products, services and the scope of production activities, which use technology developed by the company.

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  • Reduce costs and increase durability of threaded connections. The relationship between the thermal treatment and the strength of the threaded connection. Compare the minimum tightening hermetic threaded connections three types of anaerobic adhesives.

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  • The comparative analysis of the microstructure, phase and chemical composition of the experimental alloys of the Fe-W type with the standardized grade ferrotungsten. The feasibility of using Fe-W for the manufacture high tungsten materials based on iron.

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  • Analyze existing installations for fire testing of building constructions both in Ukraine and abroad. Design a model of fire furnace was. Determination of the fire resistance of different constructive systems. Implementation of models of fire furnаces.

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  • The history of iron and Damascus steels through the eyes of ancient blacksmiths. Observation of color changes during heating and estimating of hardness by scratch tests, to have determined some key parts of the present-day iron-carbon phase diagram.

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  • Construction of apparatus to work with 1-local systems of chain complexes, replacing the fundamental groupoid 1(X) of a topological space X by its 1-groupoid 1(X), and vector spaces vect with chain complexes Ch. Local systems of chain complexes.

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  • Побудова логарифмічних частотних характеристик розімкнутої некоригованої системи автоматичного керування та визначення її стійкості. Синтез коригуючого пристрою. Розрахунок параметрів, частоти та стійкості типових дійсних частотних характеристик.

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  • Consideration of the laws dynamics and growth of vapor bubbles and crystals in the solution. Study of dynamic behavior of a three-phase, two-component medium in an axially symmetric channel. Analysis of the conditions necessary for the crystallization.

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  • The relation between the particles velocity and the deposition efficiency of material powders. A different approaches for calculating the critical deposition velocity. Computational fluid dynamics model. Critical particle velocity determination.

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  • Theoretical studies allow developing a theoretical substantiated method for calculating the stability of spray vortex countercurrent mass transfer device. Review and characterization of the effect on the drop centrifugal force and resistance forces.

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  • The antibacterial effect of chitooligosaccharides, evaluated against various microorganisms. The oligosaccharides from chitosan and fractionated with ultrafiltration membrane and enzymatic bioreactor. The molecular weight of chitooligosaccharides.

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  • An analysis of demand in the semiconductor industry, covering all three phases of materials: gases, liquids and solids. The study of the peculiarities of application for solids which includes a semiconductor substrate, metal, dielectric, an organic film.

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  • А technology for manufacturing composite materials - flocculants-coagulants on aluminum-silicon and iron-silicon base. The evaluation of the effectiveness of the developed flocculants-coagulants for cleaning of natural water and industrial wastewater.

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