• Characterization of features spline approximation television pictures. Rearranged algorithm spline approximation television images detailing calculation of the coefficients which gives the possibility to improve the quality of decompressing video.

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  • Computer-aided system as a solution of the computer-aided design task. Aerodynamical aspects of vertical-axis wind turbines. Principle of action of lift-driven vertical axis wind turbines. Formulation of the methodical basis for computer program.

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  • Defining of dimensional relationships where the aspect ratio. The building process for 3D microdevices. The features of creation surface energy high enough to maintain adhesion of the electroplated material until completion of the plating process.

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  • Creep and fatigue in polymer matrix composites. Stages, characteristics and deformation of creep. Mechanisms of creep. General creep equation. Dislocation, nabarro-herring, coble creep. Creep of polymers, of concrete. The molecular weight of the polymer.

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  • Анализ кинематики токарного станка с вертикально-наклонной компоновкой. Кинематическая схема токарного центрового полуавтомата с числовым программным управлением. Стандартный кадр управляющей программы: круговая интерполяция без указания скорости подачи.

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  • Огляд технологічних можливостей і компоновочних характеристик силових головок пінольного типу, на основі яких компонуються агрегатні верстати середнього розміру: особливості циклограмування та розрахунку складних циклів оброблення під час свердлування.

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  • Analysis and comparison of the different rotor type permanent magnet machines. The presented machines are designed as having same geometrical dimensions and same materials for comparison. Permanent magnet machines, mathematical modeling, motor geometry.

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  • Determination the rigidity of constructive elements involved into the rated diagram of electromechanical system of the drive of spherical mill. Defining the rigidity of the elements entering a kinematic circuit of any electromechanical systems of drives.

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  • Defining and analysis the essence of robot is an automatic device, which has a manipulator – mechanical analogue of human hand, and manipulator control system. Consideration and characteristic of the structural features model of domestic robot–helper.

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  • The influence of gum arabic and oligofructose on the growth and viability of starter cultures of lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria used for the production of dairy products. Stimulation of growth of probiotic cultures in the presence of gum arabic.

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  • A method of determining the effective longitudinal elastic modulus for the composite material in the problem of longitudinal tensile composite. Unidirectional composite material with a hexagonal arrangement of fibers. The effective elastic modulus.

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  • The link between scientific discoveries and their subsequent applications to human needs and quality of life. History and main branches of engineering. Social context of engineering in Ukraine. European federation of engineering consultancy associations.

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  • Analysis of the development of the basic methods of engineering the contact surfaces of tribological systems. Characteristics of the problems and prospects of development of technologies of creating surfaces of discrete-oriented structure of the system.

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  • Clothes for different purposes. The appearance of the clothing and its main functions. Master classes of the famous couturier Vyacheslav Zaitsev. Fibres of animal origin: wool and silk. New fabric for hygiene applications. Clothes from synthetics.

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  • Analysis of criteria for steels warping susceptibility under the thermochemical treatment. Study of value of the details warping during the quenching. Analysis of residual internal pressures in hardened layer and kinetics of austenitic grain growth.

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  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of electronic test during verification of the direction and power of electric switches connecting or disconnecting the circuit when certain conditions are met. The study of the performance of Electromechanical relays.

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  • Analysis of finite element methods, numerical methods for solving engineering and mathematical physics. Obtaining analytical solutions for problems of complex geometry, loads and material properties. Tension rods, beams and other simple structures.

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  • Study the effects of man-made nano-additive on basic physical and mechanical properties of foamed glass. Use tare and flat glass as the main raw material. Investigation the effect of nano-additive on structural features of the resulting foam glass.

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  • Tissue Paper and its properties. Space and weight characteristics. Carrier and type of aircraft for transportation. Limitations by sizes, weight and loading on the floor. Calculation of number of bags that we can put into one box. Manipulation signs.

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  • General technical description of workings mobots as systems with collective information. Description of sensory signals got from every robot. Modern collective robototekhnika is directed on automation of management in area of service of garden grass.

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