• Application of and compliance with the procedural fundamentals. Elements of the participants equality principle during investigations and considerations of cases on competition law violation. Adjusting competition Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine.

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  • The international legal acts and obligations of Ukraine, directed on counteraction sexual exploitation and depravation of children, are analyzed, and also the problems of implementation of their requirements are probed in the legislation of Ukraine.

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  • Study the activities of the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine, its authority and status of law. The history of creation the legal system. Analysis of the legislation regulating the activities of the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine.

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  • The main problems of the formation of democracy. Comparison of the political systems of Great Britain and Ukraine: a form of government, the functions of Parliament, representative democracy, legislature and executive bodies, local self-government.

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  • The constitutional justice as a new institute in statehood of Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublika. Basic role of the constitutional control. The most important conditions of reduction of the legislation in conformity with the constitutional standards.

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  • Question of modern constitutional system of board and constitutional justice. Idea of a priority of certain fundamental legal laws. The constitution in modern sense of this concept. The idea of constitutionalism. Basic fundamental legal principles.

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  • Consideration cooperation between local and regional entities for better use of local resources, which will increase the competitive strength of the given region against other regions, on the example of the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic.

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  • Definition of the copyright maintenance under the legislation of the Republic of Belarus. The notion of personal non-property copyrights. Term of protection of the copyright. Objects of the adjacent rights: executions, soundtracks, transfers and etc.

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  • The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution has proved to be a remarkably stable document. Although the "founding fathers" wanted to avoid a political system. The President has the power to make treaties and to nominate and receive ambassadors.

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  • The essence of the ethical infrastructure, characteristics of the transfer policy. Quantitative linguistic analysis of codes of ethics. Application of the code of ethics in Russian conditions. Description, the value of the unity of a cost management

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  • Feature question about generic object interference with the activities of the counsel or legal agent, and its importance for the theory of criminal law and practice. Issues of generic object of the crime provided by article 397 of the criminal code.

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  • A study of the fundamental differences between capabilities and powers to solicitors and barristers during the trial. Acquaintance with the General requirements to the conduct of qualified lawyers on the example of the practitioners Great Britain.

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  • The legal position of shipmaster in case he is not an employed person but owner or partowner of the ship. Тhe effective management with safety and security іn shipping industry. Need to adopt the management best practice with shipmaster in the center.

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  • The subject of the republic. Socrates` pointing out that Thrasymachus has been playing contrary to the rules of the game by forsaking the meaning of shepherd or ruler which he had previously admitted. The characteristics of the early Socratic dialogs.

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  • The political system of Great Britain. The organs of government in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. The Comparison Of Two Political Systems: Ukrainian And British Ones. Tendencies to the reinforcement of executive power and diminishing of legislature.

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  • The federal power in Washington, D.C., it’s legislative, executive and juridical branches. The legislative power of Congress: the Senate and the House of Representatives. The executive branch is headed by a President, assisted by the Vice-President.

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  • The comprehensive analysis on to which extent the presence of an alleged offender in the territory of a forum state constitutes a prerequisite for the exercise of universal jurisdiction. The difference between international and national jurisdiction.

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  • International air law in transport responsibility, safety of passengers, airplanes and luggage, airport-regulations, hijacking, air pollution, and aerial warfare. The important conventions on public international air laws. Open skies agreements.

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  • History of development and territorial issues between the Central Asian states, the modern solution of border problems. Kazakh-Chinese border and negotiations on border issues. Differentiation of the state border of Kazakhstan to the Russian Federation.

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  • Study the procedural forms of participation of the prosecutor in civil proceedings. Characteristic features of the activity the prosecutor which has the right to file a lawsuit in the Court of First Instance. Identification the main forms of treatment.

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