• Порядок проведения земельной реформы. Элементы правового режима земель. Различие в режимах земель сельскохозяйственного назначения и использования. Правовой режим земель специального назначения, охраняемых территорий, права собственности на землю.

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  • Порядок чередования периодов работы и отдыха и их продолжительность для каждого вида работ. Соотношение и содержание периодов работы и отдыха, при которых высокая производительность труда сочетается с высокой и устойчивой работоспособностью человека.

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  • Характеристика понятия местного самоуправления в Российской Федерации, его принципов, органов, функций и задач. Анализ правовой основы местного самоуправления. Исследование территориальной, организационной и экономической основы местного самоуправления.

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  • Idea of a special mission and role of Great Britain in the history of Europe and the world. The historical role of France. The epoch of estate-representative monarchy in England and France. The time frame of the age of absolutism in England and France.

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  • The description of the Election Law in the United States of America. Voting Eligibility. Voter registration. Absentee voting. Mail ballots. Early voting. Levels of election. Federal and Presidential elections. Congressional, State and Local elections.

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  • Court and law reform in the Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublika as a result of the development of project of the Conception of the Court and law reform. Antilawful behaviour in the judge association. Examples of infringement of judge`s ethics norms.

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  • The history of the Federal government of the USA since 1789. The United States Congress as the legislative branch of the federal government and it’s powers. Executive and Judicial branches, President. Relationships between state and federal courts.

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  • The embodiment of democratic ideals in the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. Chronological order of states’ admittance to the union. The history of joining to USA and features of the state of Texas, California and New Jersey.

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  • Analyzing of new configuration of power authorities in the countries of modern Europe by determine the cause of current system transformation, as well as the main tendencies of its development in the near future. The theory of democratic government.

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  • The formation of the legal culture of the person as a row of objective and subjective factors. The necessity of creation the moral basis of the legal culture of the society and of the person. One of the efficient instruments of the legal education.

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  • The legal research of the grounds for refusal of recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards under the New York Convention of 1958, their explanation by both foreign and national scholars, and analysis the case law, including Ukrainian court practice.

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  • Psychology and Law: an Interdisciplinary Collaboration. Legal contexts and links between psychology and law. Highlighting developments in roles for psychology and law. Methodology: Law’s Adopting and Adapting to Psychology’s Methods and Findings.

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  • After 1989 structural reforms in the country of Argentina. State enterprises, financial relations with areas. Reform of social security. Trade, cancellation of the state control and financial reforms. Recent macroeconomic events and medium-term prospects.

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  • The differences between political theorists and philosophers. the principles of the welfare of the liberal-democratic state. Revaluation of the principles of liberalism. Abstract economic models. The strength and importance of political criticism.

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  • Criteria to determine methods of integration, among which: intensity of court claim, harmonization. Indirect methods of integration of national legal systems and their main role. New mechanisms of governance: coordination, administrative cooperation.

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  • Concept and types of inquiry as a form of pre-trial investigation and components of it's. Two forms of preliminary investigation. Lines of inquiry and their features. Quest for the crimes that are not severe. Problems of judicial form of inquiry.

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  • Viewing the scene as one of the forensic issues. Law enforcement authorities in the investigation of crimes in the sphere of computer systems and computer networks. The investigation of computer crimes law enforcement officials. Inspection of the scene.

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  • System and principles of international law. The law of treaties, international organizations, diplomatic and consular law, maritime, air, space, economic, environmental and nuclear law, international security. Main features modern international law.

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  • A set of customs, principles and norms recognized as legal obligations of sovereign states and international actors. Sources of international law: treaties, international conventions, principles of law and justice. Elements of the legislative process.

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  • Cross-border insolvency: definition, basic model. The concept of the insolvency institute and its features. Recognition and enforcement of the legal judgments on the cross-border insolvency cases in the world. The problem of the practice of application.

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