• Characteristic features of lasers operating in continuous-wave or quasi-CW regimes generate a restricted output optical power, which is limited by a maximum available pump power. Analysis Raman spectrum measured for the graphene-deposited fibre ferrule.

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  • Використання QR-кодування в рекламі, торгівлі, логістиці, туризмі, банківській сфері, інтернет-магазинах з метою максимальної економії часу клієнтів та онлайн-покупців. Основні види інформації, закодовані в QR-кодах. Основні переваги QR-кодування.

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  • Проведення розрахунку квантово-хімічних дескрипторів 9 похідних піридинкарбонових кислот методом АМ1. Описання залежності між електронно-просторовою структурою досліджуваних сполук і їх протитуберкульозною активністю з використанням QSAR-моделей.

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  • An analysis of the activities of various fundamental institutions in the church. Investigation of the process of the birth and formation of various church dignitaries. Description of the prospect of bringing pastors, deacons to the success of the church.

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  • Ways of looking at the World: Epistemological Issues in Qualitative Research. Consideration of research methodology in the works of psychologists of American Psychological Association Paul M. Camic, Jean E. Rhodes, Lucy Yardley, Elliot Eisner and others.

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  • The physiological definition of respiration and its structure. Characterization of physiological changes in the process of breathing in the mountains. Features of regulation of respiration in conditions of high atmospheric pressure and in a hot climate.

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  • Assess the quality of the telecommunications systems functioning. The methods of diagnosing the quality of telecommunications systems. The using of the characteristics of the sequence of residual detunes to diagnose the quality of functioning of TCS.

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  • Setting the context for a discussion of quality measures, the demographic landscape early care. Programs that support early language and literacy development. Defining quality in childhood that promote dual language learners’ development and learning.

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  • Is the concept of "quality of life". Reduce the unemployment rate in Kazakhstan, the tendency to reduce poverty. Analysis of income population. Life expectancy, health of population. Providing Democratic Freedom for Citizens. Living the good life.

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  • Determination and analysis of specific of investments in the change of technological process on a production. Estimation of economic and investment effect from introduction of technological change on the example of the American production factory.

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  • Study of potassium hydrogenperoxomonosulfate as a complex disinfectant. Analysis of the effect of the nature and pH of the background solution. Analysis of the results of voltammetric determination of potassium hydrogenperoxomonosulfate in "Ecocid S".

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  • Classical and quantum physics and information theory. Von Neumann entropy and relevant measures. Accessible classical and quantum information. Data processing. Real-life applications of information theory. A commercial quantum cryptographic device.

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  • Combination of methods quantum chemistry. Geometrical and electronic structure of clinoptilolite clusters modified by zinc and calcium. Redistribution of electronic density on the oxygen atoms of clusters during formation of bonds with zinc and calcium.

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  • A system of Dirac equations describing the dynamics of quarks in the metric of atomic nuclei. Description of the binding energy of nucleons as a function of the quark content. Dependence of the binding energy of nucleons similar to electron shells.

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  • The biography of the Queen Elizabeth II. who was known as The Queen Mother. She was the last queen consort of Ireland and empress consort of India. Early life. Marriage to Prince Albert. Duchess of York. Queen consort. World War II and post war years.

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  • Study of the philosophical foundations of mathematics Quine and his kraynihpozitsy nominalism. Concept ontological relativity and the holistic thesis, submitted to the philosopher. Minimization of logic functions using Quine, use truth table function.

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  • Physical and chemical properties of the drugs. Reactions to chloride ions Cl- in a solution of AgNO3 in HNO3. Photocolorimetry with painted ferum hydroxamate. Reaction on heterocyclic atom of nitrogen. Using of methods of quantitative determination.

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  • Патогенез метастатической прогрессии злокачественной опухоли. Диссеминация опухолевых клеток в анатомически отдаленные органы и ткани, их последующая адаптация к чужому микроокружению. Новое фундаментальное понятие в онкологии - метастатическая ниша.

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