• The development of a positioning algorithm on the board of a moving object using the information about the direction of signal reception from Global System for Mobile Communications base stations. The system as the effective method of positioning.

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  • Аналіз майбутнього становища планетарної цивілізації, у яке її ввергає наростаючий шквал різних революцій. Наслідки науково-технологічного вторгнення NBICS-технологічної цивілізації у фундаментальні першооснови неживої, живої та мислячої матерії.

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  • A basic overview of the theory of planar antenna near-field measurements. Determination of far-field pattern from a near-field measurement. Advantages of this technique compared to far-field antenna measurement. Brief history of near-field scanning.

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  • The history of music in XIX-th century in a form other than that of monographs about the leading composers, interspersed with outlines of cultural history which find room for the "minor masters". The composers of the works which constitute the "canon".

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  • Investigate the use of neologisms in computing, music and business world. Research the use of neologisms in lifestyle and leisure, popular culture. Characteristic of neologisms. Cultural acceptance. Description of minor and major structures of the word.

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  • A review of the migration theories, econometric and network models. Classical theories. Network analysis of international migration flows. Interpretation of centrality indices. Results of the evaluation of panel models of international migration data.

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  • Study the ways in which computer systems or network devices connect to each other. Possibilities of using network topology. Features and issues of bus topology, star topology, ring topology, mesh topology, tree topology, daisy chain and hybrid topology.

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  • Models of neuron. Networks architectures. Credit assignment problem. Relation between perceptron and Bayes classifier for a Gaussian environment. Output representation and decision rule. Generalized Radial-Basis function networks. Maximum entropy method.

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  • Analysis of physical and numerical modeling of an electron emission and transport processes for different electron-optical energy conversion systems with nanostructured surface electron sources. Review of energy conversion processes with high efficiency.

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  • The influence of the major factors on the basis of model building longitudinal data on key indicators of profitability and efficiency of banks. The characteristic lines of stimulating the effectiveness of the banking institutions in the long term.

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  • Finding rare in Ukraine anamorphic fungi Discosia circaeae Lobik on Circaea intermedia Ehrh. and Robillarda vitis Prill. et Delacr. on Parthenocissus quinquefolia (L.) Planch. Description morphological characteristics, geographical distribution, taxonomy.

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  • The processes of delta formation in the temperate climate of Ukraine and in the climate of Central Asia. Use of satellite images to determine the area of new landscapes, diagnostics of soil and plant objects, which were determined by soil monitoring.

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  • Consideration the influence of scandium on mechanical properties and heat-resistance of magnesium alloy ML10. Macrostructure of ML10 alloy with different scandium content. Sizes of microconstituents of heat-treated alloy with different scandium content.

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  • Consideration of the linear model of the closed type speaker. Investigation of the sound velocity and diaphragm displacement. Major features method of organizing feedback electromechanical (EMOS) in loudspeakers. The main characteristics of the feedback.

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  • Based on feedback from teachers and students around the world, Opportunities now comes with new features and components to make lessons even more motivating and successful. New Reading and Listening texts motivate students to speak and think in English.

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  • Characteristics of state regulation of innovative activity in the inter-branch system of legislation of Ukraine. Legal definition of technology as a result of intellectual activity, and their standard provision on the law of international security.

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  • New York as s financial and media capital of the world and the capital of the United States. Greenwich Village and the East Village at the center of New York. Statue of Liberty History, Brooklyn Bridge, Liberty State Park, Empire State Bilding.

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  • Studying the business centre of the United States, is situated in the mouth of the Hudson river. Present Statue of Liberty from France in 1876 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of American independence. The theatres and cintmas of New York.

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  • Manhattan - the centre of American finance, advertising, art, theatre, publishing, fashion. History of the Financial District of New York City. The Lower East Side and its neighborhoods. Greenwich Village and the East Village - the places of excitement.

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  • New York City is a city in the southern end of the state of New York and is the most populous city in the United States of America. The most popular neighborhoods of New York City: Wall Street, New York City Hall, the World Trade Center, The Manhattan.

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