• Flora and Fauna in New Zealand. Climate is temperate with no real extremes. The population is in the country. The dominant cultural groups are the Pakeha and the Maori. A form of Government. The art: valuing innovation, integrity and craftsmanship.

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  • The geographical position of New Zealand, the flag state, the significance of its colors. The history of the national coat of arms, the value of the Maori culture. The specificity of flora and fauna in New Zealand. Location Rotorua, distinctive features.

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  • New Zealand is a country in Southwestern Oceania, southeast of Australia in the South Pacific Ocean, with two large islands (North, South, Stewart) and numerous much smaller islands. Landscape, demography, politics, history, economy, life in General.

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  • Characteristics of geography, time zones, landscape, flora and fauna, climate and nature of New Zealand. The study of the current demographic situation, cultural characteristics, the political system (constitution, form of government) in New Zealand.

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  • Learning the geographical position, etymology and history of New Zealand. Analyze the Local government, external territories, foreign relations and the military. Description of the film industry, culture, popular participatory sports and media industry.

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  • Определение назначения и техническое описание NGN как сети связи нового поколения, особенности передачи данных и маршрутизации пакетов сети. Трансформация абонентских устройств и возможности NGN. Проблемы внедрения и изучение архитектуры построения сети.

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  • Anatomie, physiologie blutversorgung der Niere. Mechanismen der Nierenschдdigung. Kreatinin ist ein Abfallprodukt des Muskelstoffwechsel. Die Niere ist pradestiniert fur toxische. Schadigung der Niere durch Gifte, Medikamente, Myoglobin, Hamoglobin.

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  • An investigation into the downward trend in global stock markets: a case study of the Nigerian stock market. The history of stock trading and trading associations. Stock markets, market crash, financial crisis in emerging markets and the results.

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  • Рассмотрение истории возникновения и развития фирмы "Nike", неразрывно связанной с именем Фила Найта. Автор мифа Nike — Фил Найт (Phil Knight). Реклама "Найке" — всегда вызов. Рекламная и спонсорская деятельность. Возникновение названия и логотипа.

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  • Вплив циркулюючих імунних комплексів на ультраструктурні особливості клітин. Корекція функціонально-структурних порушень, зумовлених хронічною гіперімунокомплексемією, за допомогою корвітину. Синтез оксиду азоту у тканинах печінки та ендотеліоцитах.

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  • Дослідження активності ензимів окисного шляху метаболізму L-аргініну в лімфоцитах периферичної крові хворих на реактивний артрит. Вивчення кінетичних властивостей NO-синтаз. Оптимальні умови функціонування ендотеліальної та індуцибельної NO-синтаз.

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  • Political characteristic of Bin Laden as A Saudi Arabian millionaire and a militant Islamic leader in the war to drive the Russians out of Afghanistan. The horrendous terrorist attacks on Tuesday 11.09.2001 like something quite new in world affairs.

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  • The accuracy and noise immunity of the interpolation method of nonlinear dynamical systems identification based on the Volterra model in the frequency domain. The algorithmic and software toolkit in Matlab is developed for the identification procedure.

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  • The procedure for conducting a review of current research on Russia's public sphere. The conceptualization of the concept of a democratic discourse to define variables and indicators and description of the data. Evaluation of the discourse of the media.

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  • Considered of the practical experience in organizing and maintaining an appropriate level of non-destructive testing of building structures. Presented of the features of different testing methods. Determine the concrete strength in monolithic structure.

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  • Equations of motion for nuclear shape variables which establish a direct connection of the memory effects with the dynamic distortion of the Fermi surface. Applying the non-Markovian dynamics to the description of the nuclear giant multipole resonances.

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  • Apical periodontitis is a disease of root canal infection. The etiology of post-treatment apical periodontitis. Exogenous materials causing foreign body reaction at the periapex. Endogenous substances and foreign body reaction. Biology of cholesterol.

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  • Investigation of franchise influence on loss distribution and net tariff. The peculiarities of conditional and nonconditional franchise. Statistical characteristics and loss distribution parameters for different nonconditional franchise values.

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  • An improvement for machine vision based tracking algorithm using NARX neural network. Prediction the next position of a mobile agent tracked by a miniature rotorcraft, a quadrotor. Optical noises. The agent is recognized by its color using HSV algorithm.

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  • Study of algorithms of processing of nonlinear signal. The definition of the Gaussian model of normal random variables. The distribution of order statistics. The absolute value of the deviation of the weighted median. A balanced set of calculations.

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