• Анализ процессов воспитания и самовоспитания, нравственной чувствительности, памяти и отзывчивости. Моральная философия, введение человека в мир постижения смысла и предназначения человеческой жизни, прикосновение к духовному опыту как способу бытия.

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  • Точка зрения Ортеги-и-Гассета на теорию любви у Стендаля. Образ Дон Жуана и сопоставление Шатобриана и Стендаля с этим образом. Различие между "любовной страстью" и "любовным инстинктом". Разнообразие любви, разделение терминов "любовь" и "влюбленность".

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  • Древнегреческий мыслитель, родоначальник античной философии и науки, основатель милетской школы, одной из первых зафиксированных философских школ Фалес из Милета ( ок. 625 или 640 - ок 547 или 545 до н. э.). Один из первых древнегреческих философов.

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  • Краткое описание жизни и философских трудов мыслителей древних времен, античности, средневековья, эпохи Возрождения, нового времени и эпохи просвещения. Мусульманская философия и русские философы. Классическая философия и философы современности.

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  • Предмет философии, основные функции. Основные философские направления. Философия древнего Востока. Атомистическое учение Демокрита. Формирование христианской философии. Поздняя схоластика. Натурфилософия Возрождения. Социальная философия Возрождения.

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  • Сounterimages to liberal images of political society in Aristotle's work. Misperception of Aristotle's idea that his concept of political community is derived from an image of organic growth and identity, and does not account for political conflict.

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  • Determination by Aristotle essence of substance. The relationship between essence, universal and individual are the crux of the problem of knowing. Doctrine of knowing - human knowing involves a movement from observation through inquiry to affirmation.

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  • Characterization of Otway-Rees and Needham-Schroder Protocol. The main smart Deals of suggestion by Butler Lampson. Analysis the table shows well-known properties: the goal of each protocol, the type of cryptosystem used, shared key or public key.

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  • Determination of maintenance and description of logical semantic puzzle of Frege''s Puzzle. Study of elements of logical forms of theory of suggestions. Description of theories of the possible worlds. The system of assertions is in an algebraic theory.

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  • Suggesting an interpretation of Bergson's doctrine of Intuition which resolves the contradiction involved in the statement of his epistemology as found in his works. The intuition as a non-intellectual process which gives us knowledge through concepts.

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  • The matematical notion of set standardly explicate that notion of aggregation. Semantically intelligible from to some of our descriptions involving plural constructions and mass terms. Serve to hane description between concrete and abstract objects.

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  • Heraclitus - the founder of the dialectic. The analysis of the fragments-quotes book "On the nature". Five doctrines of the teachings of Heraclitus and their interpretation. Logos as the criterion of truth, the idea of universal variability and movement.

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  • This essay is discussing the following works by Lyotard. The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge, Geoffrey Bennington and Brian Massumi; Just Gaming. Peregrinations: Law, Form, Event. The Differend: Phrases in Dispute, Georges Van Den Abbeele.

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  • The connection with the fiftieth anniversary commemoration of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp. The interdisciplinary nature of Adorno’s writing. The negative teleology of modernity found in Adorno’s earlier works Negative Dialectics.

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  • Description in the works Camus violent attempts to improve society - fascism, Stalinism. Proof philosopher fact that the fight against violence and injustice is still more the violence and injustice in society. Introduction to the theory of revolt Camus.

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  • Camus' existentialist commitment issues, its interpretation and the importance of freedom for the individual and the nation as a whole. The need for positive morality for human and humane political principles for a society to understand the philosopher.

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  • Nietzsche has recently enjoyed much scrutiny from the critiques. Jacques Derrida - the leader of that movement, here combines in his strikingly original and incisive fashion questions of sexuality, politics, writing, judgment, procreation and death.

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  • Understanding of the composition: the distinction between creation as a product and as a process, between the aesthetic point of view of the author and observer, between instrumental and end values. Unlike psychology, the psychology of creation to see.

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  • Review and analysis of modern theories of moral and their interrelation with ancient ethics. Whether passe or inspiring, these theories are seen as out of our reach, not applicable to the moral problem we now have. Romantic nostalgia about ancient ethics.

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  • The philosophy of the Greco-Roman world from the sixth century bc to the sixth century ad laid. The Stoics, Epicureans and sceptics of the Hellenistic age. Aristotel and Platon - philosophers under the Roman Empire. Main features ancient philosophy.

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