• SWOT-аналіз - визначення сильних і слабких сторін підприємства, можливостей і погроз, які виходять із оточення. Сильні сторони підприємства - те, у чому воно досягло успіхів. Слабкі сторони підприємства. Ринкові можливості і загрози. Соціальні фактори.

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  • Изучение метода анализа среды организации в стратегическом управлении. Определение миссии и видения предприятия, номенклатура выпускаемой продукции и организационная структура. Анализ внешней и внутренней среды, исследование возможностей и угроз компании.

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  • История SWOT–анализа, регистрация данных, правила и технология его проведения, типичные ошибки применения. Внутренняя и внешняя среда предприятия, группировка их факторов. Анализ сильных и слабых сторон, возможностей и риска предприятия "ООО Конфитерия".

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  • Теоретические основы проведения оценки сильных и слабых сторон организации на основе SWОТ-анализа, его этапы. Основные критерии экономической оценки эффективности системы управления торговым предприятием. Оценка эффективности налоговой политики фирмы.

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  • Value of team work in a group, difficulties working. Study Different roles in the group to ensure successful completion of the task. Employer requirements for jobs. Inter-personal and self-management knowledge, skills, abilities. Having a back-up plan.

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  • Increase the efficiency of enterprises through the development and decision-making based on the generation and implementation of creative ideas. Improving the efficiency of management personnel by enhancing the creative activity in OJSC Ukrtelecom.

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  • Guarantees legal protection of the tax police. Determination of average earnings and the appointment, terms, payment of pensions to employees of the State Tax Service. Social benefits, pensions and other social benefits. The duties of police officers.

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  • Consideration the problem of management of labor-resource providing region's economy in line with the strategy of socio-economic and innovative development of the region, the approaches to the effective management of mechanism of labor-resource providing.

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  • Economic aspects of human behavior. The study of collecting, summarizing information. The positive and negative aspects of abstinence. The value of abstinence as a phenomenon that positively affects the process of aggregation, processing of information.

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  • Analyze methods of effective influence on the personnel with a view of its orientation to productive activity taking into account motivational installations of workers. Studying Maslow's hierarchy of needs, F. Herzberg’s factors theory, theory of Justice.

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  • Theoretical and practical aspects of innovative development of the economy. The problems of innovative capacities development at enterprises. Research of innovative capacities of manufacturing enterprises. Features of domestic industrial potential.

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  • The use of information technology to improve the controllability of the business processes. Document management as an important part of corporate information systems. Develop a set of recommendations for automation of contract management in the holding.

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  • The impact of new global trends for demand of changes in management and leadership. The formation of a conscious society. The beginning of the author's discussions about the transformation of the role of Manager, leader in modern nonprofit organizations.

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  • Theoretical aspects, elements of the methodology for modeling business environment international company based on the value-added chain. Accounting the socioeconomic infrastructural and market components. Companies’ activities for management goals.

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  • Motivation as the activation or energization of goal-orientated behavior. The academic theories about motivation. The contribution of Rensis Likert. Frederick Herzberg’s motivation-hygiene theory. Vroom’s Valence Expectancy and Reinforcement theory.

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  • Achieving a higher degree of control over their time using time management techniques. Learning the basic skills of personal effectiveness. Time management role in the organization and personal life. 10 most amportant common time management mistakes.

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  • Становление и развитие менеджмента качества. Классификация методов и средств управления качеством. Концепция Всеобщего Управления Качеством (TQM). Пять звезд качества. Проблемы, возникающие при внедрении принципов всеобщего управления качеством.

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  • Corporate transparency as factor to increment governance quality. Тhe relationship between corporate transparency and firm value. Transparency index and descriptive statistics. The transparency of Chinese companies by principles of corporate governance.

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  • A charter party is a document of contract by which a shipowner agrees to lease, and the charterer agrees to hire, a vessel or all the cargo space, on terms and conditions forth in the charter party. The main types of charter parties are Bareboat Charter.

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  • Enterprise as an entity. Consideration types of enterprises according to ownership, type of activity, number of employees. Association in cooperatives. Industry classification and company profile determined the products produced or services provided.

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