• Procedures for analyze the structure and function of the compliment as a speech act. The function of the compliment is to establish and maintain solidarity between the speaker and addressee. Function of the compliment in Bulgarian and English language.

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  • Contrastive analysis. The lexical meaning of the word and its semantic structure. Phraseological units and idioms denoting crime.The theoretical value of the investigation is to reveal characteristic features of English and Ukrainian phraseological units.

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  • Study of the need for training on corporate social responsibility in Bangladesh. Positive impact of responsible business on the productivity of companies. Characteristics of the motivation of top managers to organize such forms of interactive learning.

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  • Studying branch terminological systems. The study of English phonetic terms is considered. The correlation parts of speech in the terminological systems of English phonetics and phonology in the diachronic aspect. Evolution of phonetic terms over time.

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  • Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of the living in the city and in the country. Characteristic particular qualities of the Grodno (stadiums, institutions, colleges, palaces of culture, houses-museum), as a regional center in Belarus.

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  • Les documents sur la France, son histoire, les traditions et les coutumes. L'histoire du mouvement Olympique, l'encours des athletes de la France et de l'Ukraine. La vie et les loisirs des enfants en France. Des coins pittoresques de notre patrie.

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  • Cross cultural perspective of polygyny and human evolution. The two variations of polygyny are sororal (the cowives are sisters) and nonsororal (the cowives are not sisters). Chasidim – a cult of Judaism and Amish. Role of tools in human evolution.

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  • New Zealand - an island state in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. Analysis of the geographical, climatic features of the country. Characterization of specific features of manifestation of constitutional monarchy in the political system of New Zealand.

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  • Artistic and Cultural Life in Britain. Inigo Jones and Christopher Wren, their attachment to the culture. Westminster Abbey. The Tower of London. The Chichester Theatre Festival. The National Musical Instrument of the Scots. British Drama Theatre Today.

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  • The elements of the culture of ancient immigration Ireland's and influence more recent Anglicisation and Americanisation in a culture life of country. Legend of the Leprechaun. The island of Ireland fields as single international team in most sports.

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  • Kazakh Yurt and traditional national games. Traditional holidays and entertainments. Universal merry-making, games, traditional horse races and various amusements accompany festivities in county. Kazakh dastarkhan and areas of kazakhstan besbarmak.

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  • The problem of the English language influence on the German language. The analysis of some changes in the system of the German language of the last decade of the XXth and the beginning of the XXIth centuries. Modern borrowings in German language.

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  • Analysis laws communicative space, represented as a curse, which recorded speech formulas, models of communicative behavioral tactics. Update negative emotions and feelings to broadcast threats and their assessment, given the nature of the community.

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  • So many countries so many customs, an English proverb says. The English national, religious holidays, public celebrations, traditional ceremonies, traditional sporting event. The British have many traditions, manners & customs of which they can be pro

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  • Traditions of Englishmen in political, social life, in meals, their traditional holidays: Christmas, St.Valentine's Day, Mother's day, Easter, Harvest Festivals, Halloween. A several unusual traditions: "Wrong side of the bed", "Blowing out the candles".

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  • The main factors that influenced the formation of the household and cultural traditions Australians. Customs, traditions in Australia: holidays and leisure activities, customs. Ways of life in Australia: marriage, gender and children, cuisine, fashion.

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  • The modern level of the study of customs terminology in Russian linguistics. Substantiation the necessity of accumulation of lexical material in questions of professional sublanguages. Analysis of difficulties in building industry language systems.

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  • The European Union - archetypal case of regional integration and foundation for the implementation of Economic and Monetary Union. Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand - founding members of ASEAN. The Euro-Mediterranean Process.

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  • Development decorative plaster for restoration and finishing works on the basis of composite elements containing additional cementing material light shades. The study features of formation phase microstructure of the cement matrix of ornamental casts.

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  • Euphemism is a word or phrase used to replace an unpleasant word or expression by a conventionally more acceptable one. Characteristics of the main functions. Classification of euphemisms on the thematic principle: phraseological, religious and excretory.

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