• Research of origin, historical development and features of language of afrikanos as one of official languages of Yuzhno-African Republic. Morphological and grammatical features of language of afrikanos. Analysis of vocabulary and dictionary of language.

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  • Organised marketing of agricultural commodities has been promoted in the country through a network of regulated markets. Agriculture sector needs well functioning markets to drive growth, employment and economic prosperity in rural areas of the country.

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  • Государственное налоговое регулирование в поддержке развития фермы в США. Особенности вычисления дополнительного налога в агроиндустриальном комплексе. Функции налоговых привилегий в сельском хозяйстве. Отличительная особенность финансирования экономики.

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  • Akhtala is a 10th century fortified Armenian Apostolic Church monastery located in the village of Akhtala in the marz of Lori, 185 kilometers north of Yerevan. The fortress played a major role in protecting the north-western regions of Armenia (Gugark).

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  • The monuments and the exhibitions of Akshardham (Hall of Values, theatre, musical fountain, boat ride, gardens), the other features (Yogi Hraday Kamal, Nilkanth Abishek, Narayan Sarovar, Premvati Ahargruh, AARSH Centre), his history and development.

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  • Characteristics of the active screening of the magnetic field lines of a flat three-phase power. The relationship between the beta-chain component currents and alpha-beta transformation. Reducing the width of the sanitary zone under sides electric.

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  • Introduction, theoretical part “Slang”. More about slang. Linguistic processes forming slang. Position in the language. Practical part, Do the best you can, do your research. Dictionary of youth slang during 1960-70’s. Dictionary of modern British slang.

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  • Cinema as a necessary and important part of peoples lives. New York as a movie theater capital of the country. The earliest history of films and movie theatres. The growth of the film industry, major film genres. Film Companies, Directors and Producers.

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  • Information from the history of the formation of the U.S. economy, the beginning of land development. Basic principles of the U.S. economy. The structure of the U.S. financial system. Features of the development of industry and agriculture in the USA.

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  • Consideration of the characteristics of the common American language. Characteristics of the historical past. Study of dialects of American English. Establishment of a difference in American and English. Definition of the features of pronunciation.

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  • The role of computer information systems at the enterprise marketing activities. Phases of the scheme development and launch of a new product on the market within its life cycle, exemplified by fat and oil industry. Creation of of competitive goods.

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  • The study of language and speech in their correlation with psychological processes and mechanisms. An analysis of the main methods of psycholinguistics. The essence of the systematic errors in the letter. Trends in the development of modern linguistics.

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  • Analysis of extract from the texts of famous writers. The use of lexical and stylistic devices in the text of Jerome. The main idea of writing "To Sir, With Love" Braithwaite. Characteristics of Carver's writing style in story "A Small, Good Thing".

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  • Complex Marxist and utopian feminism of "Nights at the Circus". The uneasy relationship between feminism and postmodernism. Postmodernism as a new social formation. Novel`s challenge to the traditional Western opposition between reality and fiction.

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  • A note of intentionalism: philosophical arguments for and against. Problem of literary and artistic interpretation. The case of J. Verne`s "Mysterious Island". Defending intentionalism. The analysis of Neb in "Mysterious Island". Aesthetics and criticism.

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  • The main anthropological aspects of the Kazakh language teaching system are considered. The component of the system of language education is singled out. The anthropological tasks of teaching Kazakh language students as the second one are singled out.

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  • Customer experience and the decision-making process of buying in automotive retail. Analysis of the search for solutions for benchmarking. Carry out a survey of experts in marketing and consumer surveys in the transport trade of the Russian Federation.

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  • Description of activity of the European Сentral Вank in the conditions of crisis. Measures on prevention of inflationary processes. Credit and monetary policy of market leaders. Analysis of crisis situations of past years. Ways of renewal of fund market.

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  • Arbitration as a quasi-judicial form of dispute resolution by one or more decision makers called arbitrators. Applicable laws and agreement, arbitral tribunal and awards. Arbitration with sovereign governments. Specialized arbitration organizations.

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  • General information about archaisms. Alternative meanings, retronym. The process of words aging. List of archaic. English words, their modern equivalents. Analysis of ancient texts. Archaisms in literature and mass media. Deliberate usage of archaisms.

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