• The principles of economics. The scientific method: observation, theory. Interdependence and the gains from trade. The market forces of supply and demand. The consumer price index. Economic growth around the world. Unemployment and its natural rate.

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  • The objectives of the change of state property. The features of the process of transferring it into private hands, the consequences for citizens and the country. Privatization denationalization provides the State Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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  • Is the concept of "quality of life". Reduce the unemployment rate in Kazakhstan, the tendency to reduce poverty. Analysis of income population. Life expectancy, health of population. Providing Democratic Freedom for Citizens. Living the good life.

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  • Determination and analysis of specific of investments in the change of technological process on a production. Estimation of economic and investment effect from introduction of technological change on the example of the American production factory.

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  • Study the farms specialized in the production of pigs for slaughter. Regional investment differentiation in polish household. The Polish accession to the European Union. Disproportions between the individual regions. The polarization of Polish farms.

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  • The task of a government regulation of income as a component of social policy and the distribution system. Principles of income generation. Lorenz curve. Distribution of personal income in the community. State regulation of distribution income population.

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  • Most effective way to cope with the rise of manufactured risk is to limit responsibility by adopting the "precautionary principle". Variations on the precautionary principle can nevertheless be a significant way of the reintroducing responsibility.

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  • Evaluation of the specificity of regional development risks. Determination of the negative effects of these risks. Features of social and economic development of regions. Review ways to improve the risk management system of regional development.

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  • The essence of the concept of inflation targeting. Identification and analysis of potential risks the implementation of inflation targeting in Ukraine, their background and ways of overcoming. The use of foreign experience of inflation targeting.

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  • Comparative study of two models of portfolio optimization: Brandt and Santa-Clara, Black-Litterman. Objective function and statistical inference in the Brandt and Santa-Clara model. The market equilibrium and investor’s views in the Black-Litterman model.

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  • Description of the crisis of financial markets and the economic downturn after the war with Georgia. The study of tax reform policies of the state budget, consumer price inflation and bank failures. Characteristics of food and metallurgical industries.

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  • Payoff function derivation. Account investors expectations and risk. The simulation scenario macroeconomic variables. The assessment of the likelihood of the scenario and parameter of the Bank. The regression analysis for indicators of the Bank.

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  • Auction is a widespread mechanism of trading, which requires from the potential buyers to submit their so-called bids. Generalized mineral rights model. Valuations and functions of order statistics. Wolfram mathematica code. Functions of order statistics.

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  • Territorial disparities of health and socio-demographic status of the regions of Ukraine. The lack of medical resources, clinical and staff potential and disparities in financial support in areas. demographic expectations and ecological status country.

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  • The welfare effects of enhanced dissemination of public information through the media and disclosures by market participants with high public visibility. The importance of the timely publication of economic statistics, government and the central bank.

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  • Methodology of assessment of losses from soils deterioration. The increase of risks of soil deterioration as a result of industrial crops cultivation. A significant deterioration in profitability at the account for restoration of soil fertility.

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  • The existence of human wants as the basis of all economic activity in a society. The usual explanation of the customer experience with the help of the law of diminishing marginal utility. The classification of goods and services into necessaries.

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  • The frequency of price changes for 350 categories of goods and services covering about 70 percent of consumer spending, on the basis of unpublished data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for 1995–1997. The importance of price stickiness in economics.

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  • Supply and demand? For Market Economics. The main parameters governing the behavior of the market is demand, supply and price, between which there is a mutual relationship. Price - monetary expression of the value of goods and services. The law of demand.

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  • Изучение метода стратегического планирования, заключающегося в выявлении факторов внутренней и внешней среды организации и разделении их на категории: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities и Threats. Основные параметры и правила проведения SWOT-анализа.

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