• Nominal cashless economy. The Fiscal Theory of the Price Level. A monetary strategic market games analysis. The problems associated with the monetarist approach to the determination of the price level. Modeling of decision-making process in equilibrium.

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  • In monetary policy the choice is shifting from money supply to interest rate and nominal GDP targets. The perspective is that by maintaining the aggregate demand, recessions could be avoided. The revived of Keynes's model of GDP through Krugman's stance.

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  • Economic analysis of time series. A Markov model of trend. Forecasting and present value calculations. Markov Trend in levels, logs. Estimation, filtering, and smoothing. Stochastic specification, filtering. Maximum likelihood estimates for U.S. GNP data.

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  • The traditional balance sheet and income statement. The enterprise theory of the firm. The responsibilities of management, accounting theory. The value added concept of income measurement. Advantages of the "Value Adde" concept of income accounting.

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  • The fundamental reason of monopoly - barriers to access. The requirement and curves of the extreme income for monopoly. Antimonopoly laws - the collection of charters aimed at restriction with monopolistically image the power and fight against it.

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  • Financial institutions are vulnerable to investigation, prosecution and litigation from every direction. The next crisis. Sponging boomers. The economic legacy left by the baby-boomers is leading to a battle between the generations. Mexican banks.

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  • Research stimulated by the financial crisis: understanding the role of financial market frictions. Interactions between the real and financial economy. Methods and application for dynamic equilibrium models. Extending the monopolistic competition models.

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  • Analysis of the innovative activity of industrial enterprises in Ukraine and, particularly, in Lviv region in 2011–2012. Determined of the main factors affecting the state of innovative activities that has recently shaped in the Ukrainian economy.

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  • Regional industrial systems. The implementation of large-scale economic and social programs. System of indicative management. Economic potential and competitive edges retention. The tools for economic efficiency estimation within resources utilisation.

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  • Definition of the main aspects of the reform of the pension system of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Description of key trends and assumptions that have led to changes in the pension legislation. Peculiarities of evaluating the feasibility of the reforms.

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  • Realization of an estimation of transaction costs of the enterprise. Approaches and methods for estimating transaction costs, their advantages and disadvantages. Estimation of transaction costs of the enterprise in the context of financial activities.

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  • The concept, causes and types of inflation - a general overview of the problem. Social-economic consequences and the main methods to combat inflation. Anti-inflationary policy in Ukraine in 1992 - 1996. Regulation of anti-inflationary economy in 2006.

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  • The application of the method of index number theory in the analysis of economic indicators. The idea of using simulation to analyze the performance of enterprises of Maritime transport. The coincidence of the provisions of the methodological nature.

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  • Evaluation of investment attractiveness of enterprise on the basis of determining the degree of unsystematic risk in the composition of the capitalization rate. Calculation of risk premiums, which can serve as a criterion for making investment decisions.

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  • Методичні засади управління конкурентоспроможністю підприємств машинобудування в процесі адаптації їх діяльності до умов Світової організації торгівлі. Фундаментальні положення економічної теорії, розробки вітчизняних і зарубіжних вчених-економістів.

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  • Статистическое исследование производительности труда. Анализ объема выпуска и отгрузки продукции, движения персонала, использования рабочего времени, оплаты труда. Состояние и использование основных фондов. Затраты и определение финансового результата.

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  • The source of real exchange rate uctuations: deviations from the law of one price for traded goods in the relative prices of nontraded to traded goods across countries or both. The correlation between the real exchange rate and relative consumption.

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  • Intellectual component in the structure of capital, the capital formation processes are being activated. The role of intellectual capital that acts as an independent factor of manufacturing is increasing. Share of the value generated by capital is rising.

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  • The opening of the first Starbucks in 1971, the name's origin and style. Creating recipes espresso, latte and cappuccino, storing coffee beans. Analysis of cost reduction of production, the analysis of the external and internal environment of the company.

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  • The concept of hierarchical clustering. The development of a programme for the implementation of the hierarchical clustering algorithm to separate users into groups based on their interests to certain products. Example of complete linkage algorithm.

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