• The history of the development of the concept of a command economy. The essence and characteristic features of modern centrally planned economy. Advantages and disadvantages of a command economy. The most frequently cited examples of command economies.

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  • The studying of competitive relations in the Russian Federation and the search of the decision of problems of formation of the competitive environment. Сoncepts of the term "сompetition" (A. Smith). The problem of the competitiveness of domestic products.

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  • Оverview of a competitive procedure, which was selected by the regulator to allocate a frequency spectrum in "digital dividend" in Russia. Discusses the design of the frequency spectrum allocation, and the terms of releasing the spectrum allocated.

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  • The study of integrated indicators of an estimation of competitiveness of health care institutions and priority measures to improve their operations and competitiveness and the functioning of medical schools in the regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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  • The questions of introduction of "green economy" in Ukraine are analyzed. Comprehensive assessment of Kharkiv and Poltava regions development is carried out. Measures to optimize socioeconomic and environmental state of the studied areas are determined.

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  • Formation of directions of development of affordable housing. The market of affordable housing, the definition of the categories of people who are unable to claim him. The level of housing supply, increase the interest of construction companies.

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  • Conceptual framework for the rapid diagnosis of industrial enterprises. Typology of factors of influence on the process of express diagnostics, the content of problems arising during its implementation. The importance of indices for grouping steps.

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  • Characteristics of corruption processes in public procurement sector. Institutional approach to study government procurement. Neo-institutionalism, the theory of transaction costs. Federal and regional level analysisof repeated government procurements.

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  • The concept of cost of capital. Composition and structure, model of cost. Cost of treasury shares. The problems of capital in the economy. Socially necessary labor costs and real costs of production. Contents of value and the limits of value relations.

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  • An overview of the specific criteria of optimal currency zones (OCZ), the most important part of the further monetary integration of Ukraine. Synthesis of theoretical and empirical insights in the theory of OCZ classical and alternative periods.

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  • The essence of critical IPE; justification of misunderstanding and underestimation of liberal solutions to the problems of the theory based on the contrast between the "problem solving" and "critical theory". M. Cox allowed to be hegemonized at IPE USA.

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  • The current state, trends and problems of the oil and fat industry enterprises of Ukraine. The optimal use of processing capacities and retention of leading status of Ukraine in the oil’s export require solutions to improve production efficiency.

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  • Розвиток сенгуляритивності корпоративної культури в Україні та зарубіжних країнах. Формування стратегії корпоративної культури підприємств машинобудівної галузі. Необхідність осмислення життя для індивідуума у компанії, почуття групової причетності.

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  • Етапи та принципи формування організаційних структур управління частками державного майна в промисловості в ринкових умовах. Методичні заходи щодо забезпечення ефективної реалізації даного процесу. Комплекс обов’язків та повноважень елементів системи.

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  • Методика прогнозування економіки аграрно-промислового комплексу країни. Динаміка обсягів виробництва та реалізації сільськогосподарської продукції. Ціноутворення сільськогосподарської продукції. Розвиток зовнішньоекономічних зв’язків АПК України.

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  • Классификации доходов: в зависимости от учета динамики уровня потребительских цен, по форме единицы, в зависимости от государственного вмешательства. Бухгалтерская и экономическая прибыль. Условия максимизации прибыли при совершенной конкурентности.

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  • Определение понятия и сущность инфляции, факторы ее определяющие. Характеристика видов современной инфляции и ее классификация по странам. Анализ закономерностей инфляционного процесса. Основы социально-экономических последствий инфляции в государстве.

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  • Development of conversion of the decision tree to be used in a balanced scorecard. Definition of key performance indicators, profitability analysis, toolbars, and signals of the close connection with the operational management of production purposes.

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  • The Definitions of Control Premium in Financial Literature. Global Financial Crisis 2008-10 effected on control premium determinants. Investigation of Control Premium Across the Country. The size of the acquired company related with the control premium.

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  • Criteria definition regarding the management state of economic agent's financial capability. The monitoring the capital of the enterprises. A matrix approach to the selection of criteria for the state of economic agent's financial capability management.

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