• Processes of formation and use of human capital in Khmelnytsk area. The theoretical and conceptual development of human capital. The main components of human capital of society. The level of formation and preservation of human capital at regional level.

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  • Complex economic evaluation of the real course of exchange of tenge as currencies of Republic Kazakhstan. Influence of oil prices on a currency national exchange of Kazakhstan rate. Directions of reforms of monetary policy of the Kazakhstan bank.

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  • Analysis of labour law and its impact on the labor market flexibility. The value of legislative acts adopted by the EU for European countries. The nature of geographical and occupational mobility of labour. Description of the activities of the Union.

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  • Development reasonable and significant measures of economic liquidity of the Russian stock market. Make sure the connection to the tick data that allows you to capture the effect of microstructure. Measures to ensure liquidity to Russian companies.

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  • Analysis of evaluation methods of localization. The influence of localization of firms on its economic performance. Development of cluster analysis to search for new ways to support enterprises in the conditions of stagnation of economy in Russia.

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  • An alternative is considered to be European Union, which in turn is very promising for the economy of Ukraine. Industrial-financial groups play a very important role in the economy of our country and highly influential on the trends of its development.

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  • Familiarity with the mechanisms and instruments of management of investment flows in the national economy in a systemic crisis. Consideration of the main ways of applying the rules of long-term promoting investment in strategic economic activities.

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  • The study a dynamics of demand and supply of labour from the perspectives of the market, and identify and study the characteristics of the workforce, in order to effectively meet business needs for qualified personnel and ensure its competitiveness.

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  • The formation of the modern management systems in the field of waste management. The mechanism of economic management in the sphere of waste management, which provides the introduction of environmental insurance, preferential lending and leasing.

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  • Providing food and energy security. Assessment of the provision of balanced development of agriculture in conditions of using the biomass energy potential. Analysis of the development of energy production and renewable energy sources, including bioenergy.

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  • Analysis of sales of passenger cars, the factors of innovative activities of manufacturers and dealers that affect them. The main types of demand for cars: classical, Christmas and autumn. Sales forecasts popular brands in Ukraine passenger cars for 2014.

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  • Hedge fund research. Multifactor asset-pricing models. Hedge funds factor models. Data on asset pricing factors and descriptive statistics. Carhart four-factor model. Betting against beta. Quality minus junk. Analysis of regional focuses, asset pricing.

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  • Финансовое состояние предприятия. Стратегия продвижения новых марок пива. Определение затрат и доходов. Формирование потока чистых средств. Оценка экономической и коммерческой эффективности инвестиций. Страхование коммерческого риска и юридическая защита.

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  • The results of the study for both the national culture perspective and the transaction cost perspective. Erramilli's prediction that firms from a country with high PDI and UAI tend to choose the majority ownership when entering a foreign market.

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  • Development of corporate structures in Ukraine. Formation of adaptive global economic structures in the world. Introduction of the integrated corporate structures. The approach to the creation of a favorable investment environment and information.

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  • Определение факторов оказывающих влияние на продажи и прибыль компании: политических, экономических, социокультурных и технологических. Сбор информации по динамике и характеру изменения каждого фактора. Характеристика сводной таблицы PEST анализа.

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  • Основы анализа внешней среды фирмы. Политико-правовые факторы, влияющие на фирму. Результативное ведение бизнеса. Причинно-следственные связи экономических явлений и процессов, возникающие в сфере экономической деятельности хозяйствующих субъектов.

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  • The question of optimal task allocation among the workers who have preferences for fair wage of different strength. The analyzing the problem of allocation of tasks with different noise among the workers with different attitude towards fairness.

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  • Market entry modes and economic sanctions. Finnish companies doing business in Russia. Cultural differences influencing Finnish-Russian business. Proposing a strategy entry into Russia for the Finnish company "Nanofoot". Market analysis and prognosis.

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  • Introduction to Present Value. Foundations of the Net Present Value Rule. Corporate Goals and Corporate Governance. Discount Factors and Rates. Example of calculating the cost of an office building. Risk and Net Present Value. Rate of Return Rule.

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