• Characteristics, features of the process of income distribution for Russian companies. Description and distinctive features of incomes policy in modern Russia. The functional distribution of income. The specificity of the distribution of income by size.

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  • The impact of the fiscal policy of income redistribution on income inequality in countries with an average income, covering from 1990 to 2010. Analysis approach based on generalized method of moments model and financial policies of income distribution.

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  • Hardware-in-the-loop test bench for testing and verification navigational equipment structure is investigated. Equation for determination hardware-in-the-loop test bench for testing and verification navigational equipment effectiveness is determined.

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  • The impact of globalization and demographic development on the educational system and level in Europe and Ukraine. Migration of students to other countries. New educational projects, new ideas, new media and innovative development to attract students.

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  • Dictionary data structures. Tolerant retrieval: Wildcards, Spell correction, Soundex. Sort-based index construction. Blocked sort-based Indexing (Sorting with fewer disk seeks). Remaining problem with sort-based algorithm. Single-pass in-memory indexing.

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  • Development of an optimal full-text search patterns for keywords, taking into account morphological features of Russian and algorithms indexing and full-text search on relational databases fulltext index, MySQL database and PHP programming language.

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  • Media of India consist of several different types of communications media: television, radio, cinema, newspapers, magazines, and Internet-based Web sites. The Indian media was initiated since the late 18th century with print media started in 1780.

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  • The role of English within the complex multilingual society of India. Interjections and casual references. Unnecessary repetition of a word to stress on the general idea. Words unique to or originating in Indian English. Indian frequently spoken words.

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  • Criteria to determine methods of integration, among which: intensity of court claim, harmonization. Indirect methods of integration of national legal systems and their main role. New mechanisms of governance: coordination, administrative cooperation.

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  • Within the past two years, substantial media attention has been often directed at potential adverse health effects of long-term computer use. Distribution of carpal tunneling syndrome. Prevention of illness. Quick and universally agreed upon precautions.

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  • Examination serous ovarian cancer which characterized by the most aggressive clinical course with frequent relapses in the area of small pelvis and abdomial cavity. Research and analysis of the clinical and morphological factors of ovarian cancer.

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  • The theories of the computation of information. The conclusion about mental states and events with variations in the environment even as an individual's physical (functional, phenomenological) history, specified non-intentionally and indidualistically.

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  • The health impact of indoor air pollution in developing countries (respiratory infections, cancer, pulmonary disease, infant mortality). The interrelationship between poverty, dependence on polluting fuels and the importance of socioeconomic development.

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  • Mutational selection. Citologicheskaya stability of inbrednykh lines of corn. Inbrednaya corn, as possible source of receipt of aneuploidnykh and poliploidnykh gametes. Meaningfulness of research for the institute of selection of vegetable cultures.

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  • Simulation through software Agros2D progressive method of induction heating of nonmagnetic billets rotating in a stationary magnetic field produced by a stationary high coercive permanent magnets attached to the magnetic core corresponding form.

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  • Legal regulation of industrial parks, the conditions and stages of their formation. Types and benefits of creating parks and their functioning for the state, management companies, members. The role of industrial parks in attracting foreign investors.

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  • Uzbekistan is a country with a developed industry. Leading sectors of the industry are: cotton cleaning, machine building, textile, gas, precious metals, electronics, instrument making, aviation, oil processing, car making, and agricultural processing.

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  • Patients with definite Staphylococcus aureus infective endocarditis (IE) by the Duke criteria. The presumed source of infection was an intravascular device. Visualization of vegetations by provide prognostic information for patients with S. aureus IE.

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  • A survey of representatives of five species of cyprinid fish to infection by monogenean parasites belonging to the genera Dactylogyrus and Paradiplozoon. Analysis the high degree of penetration by diplodocidae, which are bioindicators of pollution.

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  • Inflation as one of the most important issues in the economy, its impact on interest rates. The main consequences of inflation in the world and in Russia. Causes of inflation: monopoly, etc. Deflation, Hyperinflation, Stagflation: their characteristics.

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