• Basic directions in the design of the interface. The interaction between human and computer. Introduction to user preferences, as to the operation of the computer system. The principles used to create virtual navigation for the operating system.

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  • Analyzes the interaction hetween a firm's dynamic investment, operating, and financing decisions in a model with operating adjustment and recapitalization costs. Analyzws of impact of debt financing on the firm's investment and operating decisions.

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  • Features of intercultural dialogue between the Arab and Israeli Jewish cultures. Reflection of the Arab-Israeli conflict in the literary activity of the region. The problem of politicization of translations in various fields of literary activity.

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  • The keratin fibers contain small amount of the lipids which are in free state. The content and composition of internal lipids in sheep’s wool with different defects. The content and composition of internal lipids in sheep’s wool with different defects.

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  • Semiconductor Memory Types. Memory Cell Operation. Dynamic and Static RAM. DRAM Operation. SRAM v DRAM. Read Only Memory (ROM). Organisation in detail. Interleaved Memory, Error Correction. Synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) and RAMBUS. DDR SDRAM Read Timing.

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  • Analysis of the profitability of the six Russian-Japanese LNG projects emerging from the 1990's. Determining how to count the profitability of energy projects under the various types of tax regimes. Calculation of possible risks at the present stage.

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  • System and principles of international law. The law of treaties, international organizations, diplomatic and consular law, maritime, air, space, economic, environmental and nuclear law, international security. Main features modern international law.

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  • The evolution of the global monetary system. Currency and exchange rates, exchange rate adjustment. The role of international financial institutions in the functioning of the global monetary system. Foreign exchange market: modern trends of development.

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  • Studying the role of non-governmental organizations in theory and practice in the field of international relations and their interaction with other states. Formal features of INGOs (organizations, associations, foundations, traffic facilities, Union).

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  • Quality management systems in projects. Management commitment and strategic process. Management reviews and progress evaluations. Interdependency-related processes. Scope-related processes. Measurement, analysis and improvement. One continual improvement.

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  • Features of the International Organization for Standardization, the importance and scope. Identify potential needs for statistical methods. Characteristics of the descriptive statistics, design of experiments, regression analysis, sampling and modeling.

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  • Raw Materials - а natural of semifinished god that is used in manufacturing or processing to make some other good. There is another definitions from the subject area of raw materials distinct from the above mentioned. Trade intermediates and natural.

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  • Regime liberal internationalism. Post-positivist reflectivity theorie. International society theory the english school. Inherent bad faith model in international relations and political psychology. The value of political realism and neoliberalism.

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  • История возникновения Internet, разработка технологии гипертекстовых документов – World Wide Web. Базовые и прикладные протоколы. Динамическое распределение IP-адресов. Доменные имена. Варианты доступа в Интернет. Система адресации URL. Сервисы Интернет.

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  • Сущность и виды телекоммуникаций. Internet как сообщество компьютерных сетей, объединяющих миллионы компьютеров по всему миру. Сервисы в сети Internet. DNS - система доменных имен. Адрес электронной почты в Internet. Понятие и сущность IP-адреса.

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  • Характеристика услуг предоставляемых сетью Internet. Анализ современного рынка информационных товаров и услуг. Функция подключения телекоммуникаций через интернет. Описание исследования компании SpyLOG на основе статистических данных посещаемости Рунета.

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  • Функциональная структура информационной системы Internet Analyst. Получение необходимой информации, ее сортировка, рассылка и архивация. Выборка информации по определенному критерию, работа с контекстом. Анализ результатов и подготовка отчетности.

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  • Review general information about the Internet, its purpose, and it by using. Characteristic features of the Internet as a huge educational resource for teachers. Defining features of the use of social networking sites in English language teaching.

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  • History of the Internet. American Research and Development Corporation аctivity. ARPANET - one of the "eve" networks of today's Internet. End-user-to-ISP connection. Function and necessity for filters on the network. The dangers of the Internet.

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  • Сутність та значення первинної інформації, її переваги й недоліки та методи використання. Internet як сучасний метод збору первинної інформації. Ефективність використання всесвітньої мережі для збору необхідних даних при маркетингових дослідженнях.

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