• Research and characterization of definition, creation and development of internet-banking. Consideration of the main trends and opportunities of internet-banking in the Russian Federation. Study and analysis of the adoption problem of Internet banking.

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  • Рассмотрение цели, миссии и рисков. Планирование затрат на создание компании и себестоимости услуг. Исследование целевого рынка. Организационная структура и стратегия продаж кафе. Прогноз прибылей и убытков. Анализ финансовых показателей и безубыточности.

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  • Стратегия маркетинга и основная идея проекта. Анализ потребителей, конкурентов и каналов сбыта, сегментация рынка и конкурентная политика. Программа инвестирования, цена и ценовая политика. Продвижение продуктов, структура и управление предприятием.

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  • Устройство и функционирование всемирной паутины, принципы ее работы. Internet как средство массовой информации. Дистанционное обучение через Internet. Организация и принцип работы Интернет-магазинов. Особенности Internet-игры. Системы электронной почты.

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  • Исследование однократного и периодического преобразования содержимого баз данных в статические документы. Характеристика динамического создания гипертекстовых документов, загрузки данных в информационное хранилище, технологии работы сервлет-серверов.

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  • Understanding program slicing as a technique for automatically decomposing programs by analyzing its control and data flow. Control flow analysis of binary executables and its problems. Interprocedural slicing using SDG and experimental results.

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  • Elucidating the interrelation between fibrosis, angiogenesis and ductular reaction in chronic steatohepatitis and hepatitis C viral infection at the stage of cirrhotic transformation. Role of ductular reaction at the stage of cirrhotic transformation.

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  • Telluric lines and structure of the spectroradiometer to measure them. Application of parallel-series analysis to examine the spectral features of telluric lines. Correlation of temporal variations of their intensities relationship with solar activity.

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  • Intonation is a language universal. Accentual and integral components of intonation. Two ways of using of prosodic attributes. The nuclear, pre-nuclear tones. Communicative function as the basic function of intonation. Pragmatic and rhetorical function.

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  • Intonation in speech as a way to express emotions and feelings. Analysis of examples of falling and rising intonation in different types of sentences. The two compound patterns combine the meanings of falling and rising intonation in iconic meanings.

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  • Intraspecific spontaneous mutation of the chromosomes of rodents. Common in various regions of azerbaijan, the influence of gamma radiation doses on chromosomal aberrations in bone marrow of rats. Intrapopulational spontaneous chromosomal mutations.

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  • The use of grammar in the development of the students. The use of foreign language at the lessons for the needs of the class. Causes of formation of skills of reading, writing, listening. The promotion of a creative approach to solving problems.

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  • The fundamentals of the theory of automata, formal languages, and regular, context-free grammar. Discussion of the principle of Turing, which formalize the concept of soluble and insoluble problems, the definition of time and space evaluation algorithms.

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  • Types of horse shows, ground rules. Phases and levels of eventing competition. Riding club association competitions. Choosing a horse, horse accommodation, floats, saddles, bridles, bits and pieces, rugs, feeding. Example dressage test and show program.

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  • Familiarity with the peculiarities of consumer theory. Markets as collection of buyers and sellers whose interaction determines the prices of goods. Analysis of ways to use the Consumer Price Index. Overall characteristic basics of microeconomics.

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  • The summary of capital market history. Measuring and calculating portfolio risk. Beta and unique risk. Diversification and value additivity. Measuring risk variance - average value of squared and standard deviations from mean. A measure of volatility.

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  • Games as an excellent environment to explore ideas of computational thinking. Using a puzzle called Sudoku to explore some aspects of puzzles and their roles in education. Discussing the development of game-based lesson plans. Games and the Aging Brain.

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  • Direct and unambiguous experimental evidence for the magnetic force density. Schematic representation of the experiment, a pen-dulum deflected by a magnetic force. Magnetization of a typical ferrofluid. The table of data of the employed ferrofluids.

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  • Potential predisposing factors. Clinical, radiologic and histopathologic features. Histologic appearance of an incisor tooth with invasive resorption. Non-surgical treatment. Invasive cervical resorption. Clinical features of invasive cervical.

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  • A natural source of hyaluronic acid, humour rabbit vitreous. Regeneration by inhibition of cell differentiation. Morphology of rat bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells and NT2 cells. Expression of Oct4 and Sox2 genes. Cell surface antigen expression.

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