• London is the British capital and one of the biggest cities in the world. London is situated upon both banks of the River Thames. The best places of the West End. Historical places as well the famous parks. To the east the large area called the East End.

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  • Butler`s concept of the destination. S-shaped cycle model. The exploration stage characteristic. Rapid tourism growing and changes in all aspects of the tourism sector in the region. The strategic planning process. Development of the destination Myvatn.

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  • Evaluation of the effect of exercise on stretching on prevention of hypotension during one-hour sessions in girls, leading a sedentary lifestyle and have normal blood pressure. Training strategy for it to reduce mean arterial pressure in young girls.

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  • History of origin of the game of football and its popularity in the UK. Team members, its objectives and rules of the game. History of Football Association and the football club. First FA Cup and first league, the first international game and its results.

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  • New York as a luxury mansions in Greenwich Village, China Town and gleaming downtown skyscrapers. Touristic attractions of USA: Statue of Liberty, the skyscraper Empire State Building, Times Square, the Rocky Mountain. The history of Miami city.

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  • Determine the physical development and physical fitness of the boys at the age of nine years old attending football classes. Assessment of the physical development. Consideration the somatic built indicator which was calculated according to Rohrer index.

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  • Important role to play in the major muscles of postural awareness and healthy movement, vital muscle fitness for drivers, riders, runners to achieve good results. A unique program of exercises to train different muscle groups at any place and at any time.

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  • Review of the impact of tourism on the development of the national economy. Especially the integration of natural, cultural and human components in tourism. Management of education at all levels of the process of acquisition of professional skills.

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  • Describing the expectations of people riding on horseback, to the appearance and conduct of the race horse trail on the example of organizing such rally from Brzozow to Krosno. Information that could assist in preparation, conduct of this type of rally.

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  • International tourism is currently one of the most dynamically developing. Geography of Kazakhstan, recreational zones. Analyse of tourism state in Kazakhstan: state regulation in the sphere, main indicators of the tourism market. Ways of development.

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  • Тhe potential, trends and prospects of the Lviv tourism market development. Тhe importance of service sphere to Western Ukraine. Factors that directly affect the development of tourism in Lviv. Ways to improve the economic competitiveness of the city.

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  • Identification of the most important issues related to the planning of tourism development in the Grand Canyon National Park. Application of the concept of a tourism development zone. Applying best practices on Polish ecologically valuable territories.

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  • The problems in the development of the tourism sector in the Eastern Kazakhstan within the framework of tourism & recreation complex of Kazakhstan in general. Organizational and economic mechanisms of strategic management for the regional tourism sector.

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  • Turkestan — one of the tourist centers of South Kazakhstan, educational and cultural center, a center of domestic and foreign tourism. Place of interest: Hanaka (mausoleum), Yasawi, Railway Station. Turkestan a sacred city called "little Mecca".

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  • Решение сессии МОК о проведении игр 1956 г. Эмблема, официальный плакат и программа игр. Спортивные объекты Зимних Олимпийских игр 1956 г. Факельная эстафета, парад участников и организация соревнований. Церемония закрытия VII Зимних Олимпийских игр.

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  • Ancient Greece and Olympics marathon. Differences Paralympics from other games. The winners of the Beijing Olympic Games. Football, tennis, swimming’s international game are international game. The extreme sports. Discipline of equestrian, gymnastics.

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  • Study the history of hockey as a sport. Defining features of the first hockey game. Characteristics of the field markings and rules of the game. Establishing the time duration of the game. Evaluation uniforms players. Features of women's hockey.

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  • Characteristics and development of the manufacturing process of ski equipment and the development of the mountain slopes. The reasons for the popularity and spread of interest vacation in the mountains. A study of ski holidays, as a way of life.

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  • Понятие и роль Олимпийских игр. Особенности и значение участия сборной Советского Союза на Олимпиаде в Хельсинки. Успехи социалистических стран. Краткая характеристика достижений спортсменов в завоевании медалей и установлении мировых рекордов.

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  • Семь зимних олимпийских видов спорта. Дисциплины, на которые разделяются конькобежный, лыжный спорт и бобслей. Новые виды соревнований. Монетная программа "Сочи 2014". Примеры артефактов XXII Олимпийских зимних игр и XI Параолимпийских зимних игр.

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