• Research and characterization of definition, creation and development of internet-banking. Consideration of the main trends and opportunities of internet-banking in the Russian Federation. Study and analysis of the adoption problem of Internet banking.

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  • Сущность, цели и этапы первичного размещения ценных бумаг. Банк - основной участник процесса IPO. Проблемы и перспективы развития Российского Банковского Андеррайтинга. Мероприятия по улучшению инвестиционного климата в РФ, перспективы развития рынка IPO.

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  • Study the features of the history of Islamic banking. Characteristics of the aspects of unique financial institution. The main principles of Islamic banking. Review the basics of financial transactions. Purpose and main functions of Tabung Haji.

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  • Платежные системы. Удаленное банковское обслуживание. Интернет-банкинг. Эмиссия и обслуживание банковских карт. Развитие эквайринговой сети. Обеспечение достоверности и конфиденциальности расчетов. Экономическая эффективность внедрения новых технологий.

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  • Study of the problem of security of the population during the implementation of real estate transactions in the context of regulation of property relations. Consideration of the system of title insurance to protect the property rights, financial risks.

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  • Main characteristics and mathematical formalization stable reinsurance market as a dynamic process of forming stable distribution between two sets of this market: subjects that convey risks in reinsurance and subjects taking risks on reinsurance.

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  • Investigation of franchise influence on loss distribution and net tariff. The peculiarities of conditional and nonconditional franchise. Statistical characteristics and loss distribution parameters for different nonconditional franchise values.

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  • Содержание, цели, задачи и средства PR-компании, характеристика основных аспектов деятельности. Общее представление о страховании и страховых компаниях в России. Сущность PR-технологий и их применение. Анализ рынка страхования, определение лидеров.

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  • Medical sports accident insurance for individuals or teams can provide cover for injuries. The main types of injuries in sports. The main law of the sport in Russia, which regulates sports activities, called "On Physical Culture and Sports in the RF".

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  • Характеристика основной цели централизованного маркетинга в страховании. Анализ итогов работы российского страхового бизнеса в 2010 году. Основные бизнес-процессы в российской страховой компании. Разработка рекомендаций для продающих каналов компании.

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  • Defining and explaining systemic risk. Financial default contagion and its peculiarities. Systemic risk and contagion: the model. The reasons for banking license withdrawal. Effects of the delicensing policy on the systemic risk, possible alternatives.

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  • Major characteristics and the current state of Russian mortgage system. Empirical estimation of influence of particular factors on affordability in Russia. The effect of changes in housing price and changes in salary effect on housing affordability.

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  • To provide finance for the war against France - one of the reason for the foundation of the Bank of England. The provision of means whereby the movement of funds between the government and the banking system - the main feature of the discount markets.

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  • Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Central banks play an important role as guarantors of the monetary system. Foreign Exchange Operations. Open market operations. Securities Lending. Processing at Federal Reserve Bank Regional Offices.

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  • Analyzes of general views on factors of global misbalances appearance. Formulation of hypotheses of interdependence between the level of credit risk and indicators which characterize global misbalances. The proposals for management decision making.

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  • Study of the Private Bank in Ukraine, which has a general license from the National Bank of Ukraine to conduct banking transactions and services, providing a full range of banking services in the domestic market for corporate and individual clients.

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  • Analysis of the problems of developing adequate trading strategy based on predicting the future values of stocks and indices, using linear and nonlinear models ARIMA, ANN. Assessing the impact of the merger on the method of projections for both indices.

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  • Description of distinctions between indemnification and payment is in the USA. Application of this question is in Opened Society "Transsibneft". Governed about social benefits and indemnifications of workers and pensionaries. Estimation of prospects.

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  • The problem of the organization of Bank lending of the enterprises of small and average business in Ukraine. Promote the involvement of the banking system in formation of investment resources of enterprises. Simplify enterprise access to credit resources.

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  • Индекс Токийской фондовой биржи как отражения динамики движения ста наиболее ликвидных акций ведущих японских компаний с наибольшей капитализацией. Структура и расчет показателя биржи. Причины ввода индекса в обращение. Оценка ожиданий инвесторами.

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