• C. Benz, der deutsche Ingenieur, Erfinder des Automobils, der Pionier des Automobilbaus und sein erstes Auto, genannt "Motorwagen". Die Erfindung des Verbrennungsmotors deutschen Ingenieur, Erfinder-Autodidakt N. Otto. Der Buchdruck J. Guttenberg.

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  • Abfallwirtschaft, Luftreinhaltung, Erhaltung und Schutz biologischer Vielfalt. Wissenschaftlich-technischer Fortschritt und Natur. Natur und Nationalparks Deutschlands. Natur und Naturschutz Staat: Gewasser, Pflanzenwelt, Tierwelt, Die Walder.

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  • Problems and fundamental differences of pronunciation between American and British English. Using the present perfect, and ownership and choice of vocabulary in english language varieties. Using spectroscopy to measure various parts of the audio signal.

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  • Descriptions of the discovery of new materials, the advanced design techniques and improved construction methods have altered the traditional house plans. Analyze the special features of types of houses: Classic Cottage, Cape Cod, Colonial and Bungalow.

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  • The development of the comparison algorithm of differential diagnostics of schizophrenia and acute reactions to stress in patients who attempted suicide. Analysis of anamnestic data and characteristics of the actual status of this category of patients.

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  • The theoretical sociology in historical perspective: from the classic tradition to postclassical efforts of synthesis, to the situation today in which theorists are more and more constructing formal models as essential components of their methodology.

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  • Discriminating computer graphics images with hidden Markov tree model. Detection of tampering inconsistencies on mobile photos. Robust audio watermarking by using low-frequency histogram. A reversible acoustic steganography by integrity verification.

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  • Information Hiding, Steganography, and Watermarking. Applications of Watermarking: Owner Identification, Broadcast Monitoring, Proof of Ownership, Transaction Tracking. Properties of Steganographic and Steganalysis Systems. Direct Message Coding.

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  • A widely usage of multicomponent film systems as a sensitive elements - a characteristic feature of multifunctional sensors. Influence of the phase composition, the structure of components on the mechanical properties of three-layer nickel films.

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  • Analyzing multi-dimensional data with complex geometry and to identify low-dimensional "principal objects" that relate to the optimal projection while losing the least amount of information. The methods for dimensionality reduction of microarray data.

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  • Analysis of competing discourses. Examples of Discourse Analysis. Discourse Analysis, Discourse Definition and Discourse Community on wise GEEK. The grammar of a specific language. Discourse domain and Discourse Markers. Functions of Discourse Markers.

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  • The identifies the basic laws of the scientific paradigm "discourse – concept". Discourse as a combination of concepts, creation discourse around basic concept, have been characterized. Classific parameters of concept in the discourse have been processed.

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  • Investigation of discourse markers’ role in Chinese Students’ English writing. The misuse and inappropriateness of discourse markers occurring to their writing. The suggestion that discourse markers should be paid some attention when we teach writing.

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  • Methods of the study significant changes in the flows of financial data. The differences between chaotic and stochastic systems. Features and ways of calculating the correlation dimension of the time series. Methods and algorithms of analysis programs.

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  • Brief information about the life and work of Walt Disney - an outstanding American cartoonist. Famous and popular сartoon characters created by Disney. Disneyland Park is the only theme park designed and built under the direct supervision of Walt Disney.

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  • The role of dispositional forgiveness in overcoming helplessness and practical linkages of the mechanism of its therapeutic effect with his role in the restoration of manageability of the situation. Forgiveness as a resource for psychological well-being.

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  • Considers an opportunity and the effectiveness of using the solutions treated with low-temperature non-equilibrium contact plasma in order to intensify dissolution of metal gold in cyanide leaching solutions. Comparison of activation energies of the gold.

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  • Phonetic features of literary colloquial style. Pronunciation in accordance with national rules, diction. Regular morphological features with interception evaluative suffixes. The prevalence of active and finite verb forms. Familiar colloquial style.

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  • Disturbances of minerals calcium metabolism – calcinosis. Disturbances of copper metabolism. Disturbances of potassium metabolism. Stone formation. Causes and mechanisms of stone formation. Types of stones. Effects (consequences) of stone formation.

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  • Complex microanalysis of Ukrainian goods exporting diversification on extensive and intensive basis. The national export structure deviations from the world one. The description of product codes groups characterized by the highest export concentration.

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