• Intrusion of the model of management of the presentation activity of general educational institutions for students of the courses of continuing education of the institutes of postgraduate pedagogical education. Enhance the image of the target audience.

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  • Idea of a special mission and role of Great Britain in the history of Europe and the world. The historical role of France. The epoch of estate-representative monarchy in England and France. The time frame of the age of absolutism in England and France.

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  • Studying tax reforms and their influence on economy of the republic of Uzbekistan. Main features of tax system of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The role of international organizations is crucial in improving the qualifications of the tax authorities.

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  • Theoretical formulation of the place of the brand among the marketing communications in the tourist business. The experience of the leading destinations and tourism enterprises in the formation of brands. Technology for building the tourist brand.

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  • Background papers and theoretical aspects of financial strategizing methods. Strategy development of wholesale company. Development of anti-crisis financial strategy on the basis of Arla Foods. Recommendations for company's performance improvements.

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  • The study of the origin, semantics and historical dynamics of word-formation means at various stages of the diachrony of the German language. Application of the principles and methods of synergetic methodology for solving word formation problems.

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  • Analyzes transcontinental integration as a new trend in the development of integration processes in the modern world economy. The potential for its development in the context of European, North American and Asia-Pacific models of regional integration.

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  • The economic essence of trade in services, the peculiarities of the development of this process in the conditions of globalization. Research of modern tendencies of functioning of international trade, analysis of its role as a factor of economic growth.

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  • Analysis of tendencies of development of the Russian tourism industry. The number of Russian tourists who went abroad; the number of foreigners visiting Russia; revenues received by Russia. Activities for the development of the tourism industry.

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  • Anatomic brain imaging studies of normal and abnormal brain development in children. Typical and atypical human functional brain development. The study of psychopathology in adolescence: integrating affective neuroscience with the study of context.

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  • A random access memory. Examples of peripheral devices: expansion card, video card, image scanners, tape drives, microphones, speakers, web and digital cameras. Network or shared printers. Print three-dimensional objects. Printing 3D models from STL file.

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  • Differences and the Place of the Ethical and Institutional in Derrida. Mandela and the Deconstructive Laws of Reflection. Derrida, Dewey and the Double Bind of Postmodern Criticism. Dewey’s Copernican Revolution: Decentering the metaphysics of presence.

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  • The content of the category employment. Identified the dominant factors influencing the development of the labour market and in Ukraine. Analysis of the main tendencies of employment in reions. The key problems that require structural changes in economy.

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  • Separate biochemical blood markers and metabolites of connecting tissue in cows with diagnosis the osteodystrophy. Reasons for reducing livestock productivity. Diagnostical informationality of a certain blood indicators in cows with osteodystrophy.

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  • According to Foucault's critical analyses, the traditional ethics of intellectual activity is little more than a deception justifying service to the status quo, and thus leads to a re-examination of the methods, purposes and effects of that activity.

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  • The role of the human subject, which is a tool for profit or power. A social process created by people for their good. The leaders of the states trying to escape from the cycle of violence and the "culture of conflict", both economic and political.

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  • Biography of the English princess Diana Spencer. The little girl – the count's daughter. Fantastic bride of Wales. The loving mother and the wife. Great princess of fashion and style of our days. Death in road accident, a funeral and national love.

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  • The tragic death occurred on Sunday, 31 August 1997 following a car accident in France. Childhood and teenage years of Diana, Princess of Wales. Marriage and family. During her marriage, the Princess was president or patron of over 100 charities.

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  • The formation of professional competence. Educational aspects of preparation. The history of pedagogical education. The professional preparation in the context of eurointegration. The content of education in primary schools of Soviet Ukraine in 1958–1991.

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  • C. Benz, der deutsche Ingenieur, Erfinder des Automobils, der Pionier des Automobilbaus und sein erstes Auto, genannt "Motorwagen". Die Erfindung des Verbrennungsmotors deutschen Ingenieur, Erfinder-Autodidakt N. Otto. Der Buchdruck J. Guttenberg.

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