• Sampoong department store collapse in Korea. Design and faults. The main reasons of collapse. Persons responsible. Actions taken. Recommendation. Ethical issues. Technical issues. Construction phase. Building maintenance phase. Crisis management issues.

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  • Analysis and comparison of the different rotor type permanent magnet machines. The presented machines are designed as having same geometrical dimensions and same materials for comparison. Permanent magnet machines, mathematical modeling, motor geometry.

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  • Investigation of polygonal meshes to represent objects in systems of computer-aided design and computer graphics. Use the method of the voting tensor to isolate in the geometric structures the sparsities, irregularities and possible sources of noise.

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  • The advantages of the method of modulation polarimetry applied to the sample in the quartz glass plate to identify its internal thermal stresses caused by the spreading of the thermal wave. The solution to the problem of non-stationary thermoelasticity.

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  • Discussion in academic literature of academic achievements of adult students. Emerging educational systems. Research and characteristic of the main process from enrollment campaign to learning outcomes and academic achievements of adult students.

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  • The Definitions of Control Premium in Financial Literature. Global Financial Crisis 2008-10 effected on control premium determinants. Investigation of Control Premium Across the Country. The size of the acquired company related with the control premium.

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  • Conditions (in mass production of GO "Lviv bakeries complex") of implementation of logistic optimization of the production program. Identified processes in the supply chain and outlined the main determinants of the supply chain of products daily demand.

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  • Criteria definition regarding the management state of economic agent's financial capability. The monitoring the capital of the enterprises. A matrix approach to the selection of criteria for the state of economic agent's financial capability management.

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  • The results of abundance determinations of the solar-type stars HD 1835 and HD 10700. Minimization parameter as a function of iron abundance and microturbulent velocity in the atmosphere of the Sun. Number of lines in the composed atomic line-lists.

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  • Consideration of issues on seismic hazard, seismic risk, seismic safety. The use of seismic engineering for nuclear and other critical facilities construction and operation. Determination of seismic risk using statistical models. Overcoming seismic risk.

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  • Determination the rigidity of constructive elements involved into the rated diagram of electromechanical system of the drive of spherical mill. Defining the rigidity of the elements entering a kinematic circuit of any electromechanical systems of drives.

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  • The influx of immigrants to Europe like an event unheard-of in history since the second World War period. Ethnocentrism as one of the best predictors for anti-immigrants attitude. Characteristics of the main standards of living in European countries.

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  • Interaction of weakly bound nuclei. The cluster structure of the neutron rich nuclei. The differential cross sections for elastic scattering of deuterons. The continuous energy distribution of protons and the peak of the structure of their spectra.

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  • Reviewing of the situation with non-specialist foreign language provision in GB. The measures aimed at overcoming the crisis in sector of higher education. The role of university language centers in teaching foreign languages to non-specialist students.

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  • How emotional intelligence (EI) is explored in writings in the different fields of science. Determination of the level of future English teachers’ EI using self-assessment before a drama project and after its completion. Analysis of the structure of EI.

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  • The features and problems of the construction industry. Its strengths and weakness. Importance of the branch development. Justification of the establishment of an agency to be charged with the sustainable management in the key sector of Iraq's economy.

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  • Formation of communicative and cognitive competence of students that are foreign-speaking. It is noted that the integration of Ukraine into the scientific space is impossible without improving the system of foreign language training of specialists.

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  • Limiting factors of agrofood system development in conditions of strengthening of integration processes within the Eurasian Economic Union. Possibilities of regional system adaptation to the changing conditions of external and internal environment.

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  • Psychological and linguistic features of senior pre-schoolers reasoning in spontaneous speaking. Difficulties which appear in children in the process of semantic perception and production of reasoning. Listening comprehension and production of reasoning.

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  • Defining and analysis the essence of robot is an automatic device, which has a manipulator – mechanical analogue of human hand, and manipulator control system. Consideration and characteristic of the structural features model of domestic robot–helper.

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