• Раскрытие сущности использования IDEF, моделей бизнес-процессов и стандартов моделирования деятельности в управлении организацией. Описание и общая характеристика основных принципов моделирования процессов управления организацией в стандарте IDEF0.

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  • Euphemism is a word or phrase used to replace an unpleasant word or expression by a conventionally more acceptable one. Characteristics of the main functions. Classification of euphemisms on the thematic principle: phraseological, religious and excretory.

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  • The study the energy spectra dynamics and pitch-angle distribution of high energy electrons, protons, alpha-particles radiation belts during magnetospheric storms and substorms and exposure of the Earth magnetosphere to the high speed flows of sun wind.

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  • Development based on the definition of environmental risk as integral criterion in assessing the anthropogenic load of the industrial facility at a certain stage of design. Features of calculation of environmental risk based on the method "index-risk".

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  • Deflagration-to-detonation transition is interesting both for explosion safety. The pulse detonation engine designing. Such engines are energetically favorable at flight Mach numbers exceeding 3. The engineering of detonation engines (rocket engines).

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  • Deforestation - the process of converting the land occupied by forest land, except in tree cover, such as pastures, cities, and other wasteland. Assessment of the main environmental consequences of this process for the entire planet, his background.

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  • Yangian for gln is the associative algebra historically first example of the quantum group. Bethe subalgebras in Yangians, theories and concepts used in this problem. Analysis and proof of lemmas. The Cartan subalgebra of the regular diagonal matrices.

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  • Основні поняття мови програмування, перелік та призначення інструментів, технологія роботи у середовищі Delphi 5.0. Розробка програми для обчислення площі трикутника, чотирикутника та бічної площі циліндра за допомогою мови програмування Delphi.

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  • Таблицы dBase как один из первых форматов баз данных, появившихся на персональных компьютерах. Характеристика файлов, используемых для хранения информации, их типы и предъявляемые требования. Инструменты, используемые в управлении базами данных.

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  • Рисование линий и прямоугольников в Delphi. Компоненты Image, OpenPictureDialog, SavePictureDialog. Создание и сохранение текстовой информации. Редактирование, изменение стиля, сохранение и поиск текста. Компоненты ListBox, ComboBox, StringGrid.

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  • The study of demographic trends in recent years in Russia and the associated public concern. The standard of living of the Russian population and the global problem of society alcoholism. Daunting mortality rates in Russia and prospects of reducing them.

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  • Sexual structure of the population in the state. Analysis of the current demographic situation in Russia with the use of statistical data between the censuses of 1989 and 2002. The role of mortality and average lifetime in reproduction of population.

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  • History of the demographic statistics. The population of the United Kingdom in the 2011 census, age structure. The most recent census data regarding religion. English, scots and welsh. A separate education system in each country of the United Kingdom.

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  • Entwicklung der phraseologie als linguistische teildisziplin. Begriffsklarung und terminologie. Semantische klassifikation russischer phraseologismen. Basis klassifikation deutscher phraseologismen. Zusammenfassung der theoretischen grundlagen.

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  • Invariant formulation of the Lorentz transformation. Derivation of the Lorentz force law and the magnetic field. The time component of the relativistic generalisation of the Lorentz force law. The time component of newton’s second law in electrodynamics.

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  • Calculation and interpretation of the relativistic Doppler effect using only the Lorentz force and relativity theory. The Lorentz transformation and time dilation. Analysis the link between the invariance of the light speed and the Doppler relations.

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  • The concept of sovereignty. The cause and the principle are representations of the function of the King in the discourse of metaphysics. The fundamental definition of political sovereignty in policy Derrida. The relationship of democracy and sovereignty.

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  • Correctes enregistrement processus de traduction dans le monde moderne. L'importance et la valeur du texte traduit. Classification de la traduction: l'auteur et le texte de segmentation, de la nature, le texte d'origine, la prеsentation du texte.

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  • The history of European colonization and modern times. Government and politics, legislation in Canada, international and military relations. Geography and climate of Canada. The development of science, economy and culture. The capital of Canada - Ottawa.

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  • Daniel Defoe is the father of the modern periodical. The most interesting of Defoe's "documentary" works. Style of Jane Austen. Jonathan Swift is the greatest prose-writer and a very great literary artist. Features of novels of many English writers.

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