• Определение содержания и исследование истории доказательств аксиомы параллельности Евклида, или пятого постулата, как одной из аксиом, лежащих в основании классической планиметрии. Разработка Николаем Ивановичем Лобачевским доказательства V постулата.

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  • Основные подходы к определению качества дебиторской задолженности. Разработка V-образной модели качества, обоснование необходимости её построения в системе управления дебиторской задолженности. Система эффективного управления оборотными активами.

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  • The main factors that affect on audit in automated accounting systems. The computer system valuation characteristic test for selling and getting receipts cycle. Consideration knowledge and principles of the programmer used by auditors in their careers.

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  • Financial statements generally value assets based on their historical or acquisition cost. Price-Level Adjusted Historical Cost. Net Realizable Value. Future Profits, Replacement Cost. Valuation of liabilities. Valuation of stockholders equity.

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  • Principles for determining the amount of compensation for the passage of a gas pipeline through undeveloped land and for restricting the right to use real estate located on its way. Deductions for crop reduction due to changes in land structure.

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  • Special features of metals and mining companies. Classification of valuation models and total valuation of explorations properties. Discounted cash flow and multiples. Valuation of a mining company with different methods, cycle importance in it.

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  • Assessment of the key drivers of the value chain and profitability in the textiles sector in Kyrgyzstan, by comparing the garment sewing sector in the two contrasting regions of south and north Kyrgyzstan. Infrastructure in south and north of the country.

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  • Special importance is to be given to the equity of financial institutions. The Basel Committee has raised standards of capital ratios of national banks in Kazakhstan, a concept to harmonize domestic and international approaches to equity was developed.

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  • Protection of cultural heritage as one of the priorities of the cultural policy for all countries of the world. Consideration of the nature of the concept of "vandalism" in criminal law. The study of lawful interests of citizens, society and the state.

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  • Analysis of the variation at the major storage protein loci of homoeologous group 1 chromosomes in winter common wheat cultivars developed in the main breeding center of the Central Steppe of Ukraine. Cultivars developed with the Institute of Genetics.

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  • The modeling results of the zonal electric field and the vertical component of the plasma transfer velocity due to electromagnetic drift during magnetic storms were presented. Penetration into the mid-latitude ionosphere during geomagnetic disturbances.

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  • The study of historical dynamics and linguistic change in the making of the modern English language. Comparative analysis of national versions of the vocabulary. The study of the classification of related languages. Features of regional dialects.

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  • The definition of real and complex vector spaces. The calculation of the reference type. Rules of addition and multiplication of scalars. The concept of subset. The direct sum of two subspaces. The calculation of the projection of the vector on the area.

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  • The problem of the strategy and tactics of speech communication in the political media discourse on the example of British political debate. Justifying the need to attract the attention of the recipient by using the language of communication strategies.

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  • The analysis of the paroemia language world image fragment. The peculiarities of modeling "pedagogical" paroemias have been traced in Ukrainian, Russian and German from the point of peculiarities of the concept "teaching" in the different ethnic groups.

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  • A summary of philosophical skepticism Wittgenstein, Strawson, anti-idealistic views Kanta. The description transcendental arguments made as a philosophical refutation of epistemological skeptic. The problems and the range of application of such judgments.

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  • Research and analysis of the category of echo-question from the point of view of its contextual and pragmatic specifics in the communicative environment of the dialogical unity. Investigating the ability of replicas to eliminate information insufficiency.

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  • Vet — a specialist with higher or secondary special education, dealing with the treatment of animals and related duties. Career Path Forecast. The Council on education of the American veterinary medical Association. Western University of Health Sciences.

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  • Description of the symptoms characteristic of various diseases of horses, methods of diagnostics, treatment in the horse breeding. Recommendations on the timing of vaccination, to care for the foals. Correct technique of breeding horses and care for them.

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  • Signs and normal values. Simple diagnostic tests. Normal temperature, pulse and respiration. Normal hematological values. Behavior and restraint. Age of the horse and its ability to learn. Veterinary medicines. The barging horse. Trial and error learning.

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