• Getting to know persistent conceptual and methodological issues in personality assessment. Peculiarities of the dispositional approach to job attitude, an empirical and conceptual review. The main features of personality and organizational culture.

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  • Characteristics of the term "professional deformation". Study causes of deformation, professional deformation doctor, "burnout syndrome", anxiety doctor. The introversion of the doctor. Factors associated with increased risk of deformities in doctors.

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  • Theoretical-methodological analysis of the problem of the image "I-professional" as a component "self-concept" personality. The main parameters of the professional self-esteem: the degree of adequacy, criticality and resistance of the individual.

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  • Describe the life and research works of famous psychologist Zigmund Freud. His theory of the unconscious, interpretation of dreams. Critical evalution of Freud. His work as a pioneering scientist, the theory of psychoanalysis. Freud's Followers.

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  • Psychological content of teaching foreign languages and its relationship with psycholinguistics, psychology and pedagogy. Modern tendency of foreign language education of the study process. Psychological features of speech acts of language learning.

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  • The effectiveness of narratives: stories related during session. Ineffective narratives: clinical examples. Overproduction of Narratives and Deficit in Hierarchization. The criteria, allowing to distinguish the effective story from the dysfunctional.

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  • The study of the basic social-psychological professionally due to the problems faced by the sailor at sea and ashore. The study of chronic physiological fatigue, emotional burnout, psihobiologicheskoj changes of the body and the identity of the seafarer.

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  • Ways of looking at the World: Epistemological Issues in Qualitative Research. Consideration of research methodology in the works of psychologists of American Psychological Association Paul M. Camic, Jean E. Rhodes, Lucy Yardley, Elliot Eisner and others.

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  • Investigation of students secondary school in question of substance use. Influence of support from parents to reduce depressive symptoms and delinquency. Study correlations of the Harter Social Support Scales. Role of friends in the use of illicit drugs.

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  • There is something to be learned about sex from the fact that we possess a concept of sexual perversion. Defending the concept against the charge of un-intelligibility, trying to say exactly what about human sexuality qualifies it to admit of perversions.

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  • The theories, etiology, measurement, diagnosis, and treatment of psychopathology from the perspective of behavioral genetics, a field of enquiry broadly concerned with the inheritance of behavioral patterns. Schizophrenia and the Psychotic Disorders.

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  • The emancipatory stance toward knowledge-building which emerge from the convergence of Foucault’s theories and feminist theories concerning the discipline of psychiatry. Example of feminist conceptualizations of women’s experiences of eating disorders.

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  • Intuition as a common factor in psychotherapy, characterizing both psychotherapist and client functioning. Reviewing of existing model for intuition. A 5-phase model of intuition on a basis of the cognitive functions of pattern discovery and recognition.

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  • The method 6-Part Story, developed by Ayalon and Lahad. Features of the application of this method in teaching drama in the UK and other countries. Identifying patients diagnosis of borderline personality disorder as a result of the method 6PSM.

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  • The acquisition of expert performance as problem solving: the role of working memory and comprehension of text. Motivating self-regulated problem solving. The fundamental computational biases of human cognition, implications of feeling and thinking.

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  • Psychology as a science. Emotional and mental health. Man as a creature with a strong mind. Pathological anxiety: the crisis of self-esteem. The importance of psychotherapy. The nature and source of self-esteem. Work on self-esteem. Fear versus thoughts.

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  • To test the hypothesis that prosocial behavior depends on the propensity of people to seek thrills and to their self esteem if they love strong sensations. The statistical significance of the influence of self-esteem prosocial behavior as a variable.

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  • Wurzburg School - a school of experimental investigation of thought at the Psychological Institute of the University of Wurzburg in Germany in the first decade of the 20th century. The founder and main theoretician of the Wurzburg school was O. Kulpe.

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  • Biography of life and activity is Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt — the german doctor, physiologist of ai psychologist, known as a founder of experimental psychologists. The theoretical framework of experimental psychology. Wundt's "individual psychology".

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  • Ключевые моменты в концепции иерархии потребностей Маслоу. Семь путей самоактуализации. Жизнь как процесс постоянного выбора. Актуализация возможностей личности. Разоблачение собственной психопатологии. Внутреннее озарение, радость от самопознания.

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