• The British have many traditions, manners and customs of which they can be proud. The features of historical, modern, state, family and royal traditions. National and religious holidays, public festivals, traditional ceremonies, national kitchen.

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  • General notions of british dialects. The classification of british dialects according to their location. Midlands english: east and west midlands, east Anglia. Southern, scottish english, wenglish, hiberno-english. Divergences from rules of pronunciation.

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  • The famous places of World Heritage Cities in Britain: Canterbury Cathedral of the Anglican community, Oxford modern university center, Stratford-upon-Avon literary and cultural center, Durham Castle and museums, Stonehenge monument, Loch Ness area.

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  • Familiarity with the history of the British monarchy. The Royal Prerogatives as action of the Government that gets its legitimacy from the crown. Consideration of peculiarities constitutional role of the Queen, general characteristics of its tasks.

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  • The three elements in British Parliament: the Queen, the House of Lords and the elected House of Commons, their function and roles. The effectiveness of Political Party System. The structure of Her Majesty's Government: Prime Minister and the Cabinet.

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  • Полномочия Парламента, его функции. Монарх как глава государства. Состав Палаты общин и лордов. Британская Конституция, ее основные отличия от конституций других стран. Содружество Британской империи и Великобритании. Система Политической партии.

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  • Traditionally the English have 4 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner (description). An Englishman’s home is his castle. The English like their Queen. The red color is very important and popular in England. The English national sport is cricket.

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  • Short biography and beginning of a career of Britney Spears. A leading role on "Shou Mickey Mouse". Conclusion of the contract with the largest recording studio. First albums and the most popular singles of the singer. "Child once again", platinum awards.

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  • Consideration of the state of US policy in the area of private and public encryption of data. An analysis of the legality of the use by the state of private information about their citizens fininsah. The study of features the standard encryption.

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  • Бренд-коммуникации в современном мире. Бренд как привлекательный, цельный, уникальный образ товара или услуги. Сущность и задачи рекламной технологии BTL, этапы организации BTL-процесса. Виды промоушн-акций: сэмплинг, подарки за покупку, уличные продажи.

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  • Индустрия BTL, как часть рынка и мира рекламы. Целенаправленная деятельность по воздействию на потребителя в момент принятия решения о покупке. Проведение промо-акций, сэмплинга, дегустаций, демонстраций, тестовых использований, предоставление скидок.

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  • Использование BTL-рекламы для повышения узнаваемости продукта (услуги), информирования о новинке. Основные элементы BTL-рекламы. Стимулирование сбыта среди торговых посредников. Достоинства прямого маркетинга. "Подогревание" рынка – потребительский бум.

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  • Buckingham Palace – a grand house built by the Dukes of Buckingham for his wife and a place, where Queen Elizabeth II lives much of her time. Description of the features of room's decoration of the palace. Characterization of the park-like garden.

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  • The objectives of accounting. The separation of the management functions: planning, coordination, communication, controlling. The main advantages and limitations of budgeting. The types of budget: unlimited, production, cash, budget of sales, purchases.

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  • Modeling an optoelectronic fire smoke alarm detector at the functional diagram level by means of Matlab tools. Characteristics of developed detector model and evaluating the ability of the logic unit to distinguishing between fire signals and noise.

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  • Diagnoses that can mimic acute odontogenic pain. Features of non-odontogenic dental pain. Treatment of the endodontic pain patient. Pharmacological strategies for postoperative endodontic pain. Non-narcotic analgesic dosing, timing of drug administration.

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  • The pattern of pulse flows of cortical neurons is a complicated phenomenon. Apart from properties of single neurons, action of a system of neuronal circuits reflected in organisation of spike bursts. Characteristics of burst activity before irradiation.

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  • Implementation of cloud storage on the Internet. New types of Internet security and ways to prevent hacker attacks. Methods of legal regulation of information security practices. Application of the methods of active defense. Combating cybercrime.

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  • Business conversation is a conversation between a few interlocutors with the purpose of permission of certain business problems or to establish business relationships. It has it’s own types, situations, rules. Also it must be conducted in correct form.

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  • Review the definition of "discourse". Features of diplomatic discourse. Characteristics of the main types of diplomatic correspondence in English. Consideration of the main transfer transformation. Translation Analysis viewpoint of linguistic features.

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