• История появления терминов Above The Line и Below The Line на российском рекламном рынке. Характеристика основных составляющих BTL: паблик рилейшнз, прямой маркетинг, личные продажи, выставки, упаковка. Понятие стимулирование сбыта, его основные задачи.

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  • Benelux is а political, economic and customs Union of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The history of its formation and development, current trends and prospects of further expansion. Rights and obligations of members. Signing the contract.

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  • Описание компании "Benneton", ее основных характеристик и свойств. SWOT-анализ, определение сильных и слабых сторон товара, возможностей и угроз. Выбор стратегии позиционирования товара. Расчет бюджета рекламной кампании, оценка ее эффективности.

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  • The individual self and freedom. Identity of nature. Bergson's point of view so eloquently set forth is not a system but a philosophical vision. Mechanism regards "the future and the past as calculable function of the present", and claims that is given.

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  • An interpretation od Bergson's doctrine, which resolves the contradiction and can briefly put in such ways: intuition is intellectual process, which puts us in direct touch with reality and on the other hand, gives us knowledge through concepts.

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  • Determination of the Employee Profit Contribution. Projection to the Employee Cash Flow. Possible application and interpretation of the results. Hierarchy of indices of the potential perspective "employees". Berliner Balanced scorecard Approach.

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  • "Mathematical Logic as based on the Theory of Types" - the greatest and most original of Russell's works. Contributions which Russell made to the philosophy of physics. Causality as a matter of regular sequence. Logic as "the essence of philosophy".

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  • There are history, etymology, characteristics, production, applications, toxicity (inhalation, ingestion, dermatological effects, effects on children, detection in the body, industrial release and occupational exposure limits) in Summary about beryllium.

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  • Physical-chemical characteristics and isotopes of beryllium. Productions and commercial use of beryllium, his applications (radiation, mechanical, magnetic, electronic). Toxicity, chronic disease, industrial release and occupational exposure limits.

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  • Opening of maintenance of metaphysical doctrine is in interpretation of modern philosophy. Description of properties of veritable metaphysical objects and phenomena. Research of conceptions of metaphysical true and properties of metaphysical motion.

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  • Some aspects of giftedness and creativity, the conditions of their formation and development, social approaches. Standards and subjective norms intellectually creative behavior. Social, cultural and historical factors of the development of talent.

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  • Multidimensional data distributions with complex topologies and variable local dimensions. A new type of low-dimensional "principal object": a principal cubic complex. The method of topological grammars with the minimization of an elastic energy.

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  • The problems of quantum gravity, the search for consistent schemes for the equations in quantum field theory. Perturbation theory and the Schwinger-DeWitt technique. A regular covariant method is for expanding the one-loop action in powers of curvatures.

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  • Biography of Вill Gates is an American entrepreneur and philanthropist, one of the founders and the largest shareholder of Microsoft. His invention: the Basic programming language, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, Windows. His charitable work.

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  • History of formation of Irish businessman Bill Lynch, - the winner of competition of the international business. Stages of development of the small South African auto dealer and his transformation the huge company having business on three continents.

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  • Consideration of new forms of binary representations of Boolean functions. Analysis of single algebraic and non-inverting classic models of the Reed-Muller. Using technology "EDM - Extended Data Mining". Characteristics of main data mining algorithms.

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  • Value and elements biodiversity. Extremes of high and low diversity. Populations, individuals and genetic diversity. The scale of the human enterprise. General measures for conservation and sustainable use. Sustainable use of components of diversity.

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  • Analysis of features of the power system of organism. Essence of concept is a "biofield". Life as continuous process of absorption of energy of different kinds and different values. Biological aspects of influence of the electromagnetic fields on a man.

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  • Biography of life and activity of Albert Einstein - theoretical physicist who developed the theory of general relativity, effecting a revolution in physics. The beginning of the first papers. Merit and awards. Wedding and the last years of his life.

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  • Early performances the Beatles - the most successful pop group. Pop songs. Variety of musical instruments. Performance at the London Palladium. Charismatic and individually talented artists. Experiments with the John Lennon psychedelic poesies and art.

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