• Elaborating the scenario for organization of the students’ qualitative self-study, based on blended learning models: rotation, flex, self-blend and on-line driver models. The examples of their use. The most suitable concepts for full-time students.

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  • Blind signature schemes as an important cryptographic primitive in protocols allowing to obtain a valid signature that guarantee the anonymity of the participants. Two new blind signature schemes based on the discrete logarithm problem are presented.

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  • The issue of many public key cryptosystems and application of embedded devices for this setup. Present an algorithm that also inherently thwarts differential side-channel attacks in finite abelian groups with only limited time and storage overhead.

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  • Block Code Elementary. Non-Systematic Encoder and systematic Encoder. Bose-Chaudhuri-Hocquenghem Code. Solving the key equation. Reed-Solomon Code (R-S). Convolutional Codes: general and polynomial definitions. Applications of EEC in Image Watermarking.

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  • Details on the approach to remote learning Web 2.0 in graduate students of informatics at the Graz University of Technology. The influence of didactic concepts and technical implementations to increase training and teaching in educational institutions.

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  • The main problems of blood flow through a narrow catheterized artery with an axially nonsymmetrical stenosis. The effects of hematocrit and the stenosis shape on increased impedance and other flow characteristics during the artery catheterization.

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  • Blood transfusion is the process of receiving blood products into one's circulation intravenously. Pre-transfusion procedures. A bag containing one unit of fresh frozen plasma. Compatibility testing. Neonatal transfusion. Massive transfusion protocol.

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  • Study vapor dynamics and growth of crystals in the solution of the two components chemically neutral - water and sucrose. The conditions under which crystals can be transformed into a solution. Conservation equations for interfacial interactions.

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  • Consideration of the laws dynamics and growth of vapor bubbles and crystals in the solution. Study of dynamic behavior of a three-phase, two-component medium in an axially symmetric channel. Analysis of the conditions necessary for the crystallization.

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  • The derivative expansion of the QED effective action as a divergent but Borel summable asymptotic series, for a particular inhomogeneous background magnetic eld. A non-Borel-summable perturbative series for a time dependent background electric eld.

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  • Boris Godunov (about 1552-1605) was the Russian tsar since 1598; was the tsar Fedor Ivanovich's wife's brother and actually ruled the state instead of him. He strengthened the central authority banning on the nobility and supported peasants enslavement.

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  • Boris Godunov (about 1552 – 1605) was the Russian tsar since 1598; came to power in the time of “oprichnina”; was the tsar Fedor Ivanovich’s wife’s brother and actually ruled the state instead of him. Internal and Foreign Policy of Godunov’s Government.

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  • Borland C++ Builder как выпущенное недавно компанией Borland средство быстрой разработки приложений, позволяющее создавать приложения на языке C++, используя при этом среду разработки и библиотеку компонентов Delphi. Среда разработки данного продукта.

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  • Classification of borrowings according to the borrowed aspect, the degree of assimilation, the language from which they were borrowed. Borrowing of French, Italian, Spanish words. There are the following groups: phonetic, semantic, morphemic borrowings.

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  • Borrowings as a way of replenishment of the vocabulary, сauses and сriteria, classification, grammatical and lexical assimilation. Historical Contacts between England and The world countries. Russian, French, German, Latin, Greek loan words in English.

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  • Evolution, scope and importance of botany. Human nutrition and fundamental life processes. Medicine and materials, environmental changes and plant breeding. Soil science and conservation. Vegetable farming as growing of vegetables for human consumption.

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  • Obtaining a criterion of boundedness of L-index in direction for functions f(hz;mi). Finding sufficient conditions of boundedness L-index in direction for some class of entire functions with "plane" zeros. Proving existence theorems of entire function.

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  • Combinations and proportions of types of flour and other ingredients, and also of different traditional recipes and modes of preparation of bread. Using the yeast for leavening bread is Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Heartier consistency of Canadian bread.

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  • Enigma cipher machine. Cryptographic ally strong sequences. Shift register-based stream ciphers. Hellman’s time-memory trade-off. Birthday attacks on hash functions. Secondary phase refinement. Implementation attacks. Sigaba rotor in reverse orientation

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  • Analysis of the Fortal Declaration and the environment of global financial and credit institutions, including the BRICS of the New Development Bank. Aspects of overcoming the economic imbalances and risks of the BRICS countries in decision-making.

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