• Study of antioxidant properties and some adverse effects that can be associated with the use of P. nitida as hypoglycemic agent, used in some biochemical and histological studies. Analysis of biochemical studies of blood plasma and the lipid profile.

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  • The relationship between sovereign ratings and eurobond returns. Return volatility as the dependent variable, control, announcements of rating events, stationarity checks. Panel regression model. Empirical model for the Russian sovereign debt market.

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  • The usual interpretations of Newton's and Leibniz's view on the nature of space and the relativity of motion. A more accurate rendering of the opposition between Newton and Leibniz. Leibniz's theory of space against the representation of motion.

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  • This text is about Space Shuttle Columbia, the first flight . Columbia was the first orbiter in the fleet that originally had a mostly all-tile thermal protection system. Flights of Columbia including its final mission. Final mission and destruction.

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  • The essence of the functioning space station, as the main support person in the process of space exploration. Astronomical studies of weightlessness and its effects on people. The technological and navigational complexity of modern space stations.

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  • Pointing Control Definitions. Attitude Coordinate Systems. Rotation Matrix. Orientation of a body is uniquely specified by a vector giving the direction of a body axis and a scalar specifying a rotation angle about the axis. Spin Stabilized Spacecraft.

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  • Space tourism as the recent phenomenon of tourists for flights into space. Decreased the emphasis placed on space exploration. Russian and American programs on space tourism. Orbital flights, stations and hotels. Interest in constructing "space hotels".

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  • Метод конструктивного анализа – SPACE-анализ. Анализ стратегического положения и оценка действий компании. Факторы конкурентных преимуществ. Матрица стратегического положения и оценки действий. Графическое представление разных стратегических состояний.

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  • Consideration of the specific features of traditional Spanish cuisine. Review examples of some of the most typical Spanish foods and drinks that tourists should try when visiting Spain. Description of ingredients and preparation the original Paella.

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  • The relationship between the impact on the environment by the population of regions of Ukraine and the economic well-being, using a graphical method to determine the correlation coefficient. Conclusion the spatial distribution of the studied values.

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  • Special events: определение, признаки, классификация. Технологии организации специальных событий для привлечения внимания и интереса общественности к организаторам и переключение на PR–обращение. Задачи Дней открытых дверей и Церемоний открытия.

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  • The word-stock of English language represented as a definite system in which different aspects of words are singled out as interdependent and in accordance with division of language into literary, neutral and colloquial layers combined in a feature.

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  • Methodological features of an estimation of economic, social, demographic, and ecological processes of rural development. Characteristics of solutions to improve the organization of information and analytical support of development of rural territories.

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  • The algorithm for financing passenger transport, which provides for the survey of passenger traffic, the calculation of the structure and number of rolling stock, the volume of investment, cash flow generation due to amortization, leasing and budget.

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  • The contribution of scientists in the development of methods of valuation of collateral. The assessment of financial risks in credit operations. Unification and formalization of procedures for the assessment of buildings used as collateral for the loan.

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  • Consideration the results of simulation definition spectral analysis of signals, which consist of harmonic signals with noninteger periods. Studied the change of spectral components by changing width of Fourier transformation by discarding samples.

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  • Characteristic features of the modeling speech portrait of Winston Churchill, A. Merkel and I. Tasmaganbetova. Analysis of political speech texts of these politicians. Learning basic verbal and non-verbal ways of communicating world politicians.

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  • Research and characteristics of the transition of volatility with one stock market on another market of China, Korea and USA. Consideration and analysis of specific features of the opening and closing hour of China, Korea and America stock markets.

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  • Головні причини аномалії розвитку хребтового стовпа (Spina bifida). Етіологія, що призводить до формування дефекту, характеристика його видів. Особливості діагностики аномалії. Виявлення грижі мозкових структур при поздовжньому та поперечному скануванні.

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  • The history of sports in Great Britain. The national British sports like football, golf, cricket, tennis, racing. The golf clubs in the United Kingdom and famous courses. Two popular types of horseracing in Great Britain: flat racing and jump racing.

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