• Effects of corticotropin (ACTH) and its analogues, particularly Semax (met-glu-his-phe-pro-gly-pro). the study nootropic properties. Investigating the effects of Semax on neurochemical parameters of dopaminergic and serotonergic systems in rodents.

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  • Averaged level-density shell corrections and shell-structure energies are continuous through all symmetry-breaking (bifurcation) points. Enhancement of the nuclear shell structure near bifurcations in the superdeformed region for the level densities.

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  • The moment of inertia for the collective rotation. Three-dimensional periodic orbits for the axially symmetric harmonic-oscillator potential. Model of independent particles near the Fermi surface. The total free energy, the moment of inertia of the JMC.

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  • Method of forming the sensitive elements of sensors magnetic field as a spinvalve type multilayer structures based on Co and Cu. The study their magnetoresistive properties. Calculation of the magnetic sensitivity of the samples with a fixed thickness.

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  • Основы продвижения сайтов в поисковых системах. Сущность семантического ядра как набора ключевых слов, используемых при поисковом запросе. Наиболее типичные ошибки при развитии интернет-ресурса. Особенности продвижения сайта с помощью внешних ссылок.

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  • Календарные и семейныме праздники сентября, популярныме способы проведения досуга, торжества, фестивали, происходящие в разных частях Англии. Праздник весеннего равноденствия или в Михайлов День 29 сентября - Michaelmas, по обычаю съедают гуся.

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  • Asymptotic properties of an online gradient algorithm with a constant step size used to study in a neural network a model of nonlinear systems having a single hidden layer. Substantiation of the conditions guaranteeing the convergence of this algorithm.

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  • Sergiev Posad Ensemble of the Trinity Lavra of St.Sergius. Inclusion the Architectural Ensemble of the Trinity Sergius Lavra in the UNESKO World Heritage List. The main tourist sites, architectural monuments, churches and museums Pereyaslavl Zaleski.

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  • Organizational structure of the enterprise and. The basic directions of activity and functional purpose of services and departments. Distribution responsibilities between managers and staff services and departments, job descriptions of hotel " Samir".

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  • The software which automates the process of air-traffic situations generation. The set includes: airspace sector editor, dynamic situation generator. Reducing the generation time and increasing the quantities of practical tasks due to automation.

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  • Simone de Beauvoir`s formulation distinguishes sex gender and suggests that gender is an aspect of identity gradually acquired. The distinction between sex and gender, the long-standing feminist effort to debunk the claim that anatomy is destiny.

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  • The feasibility of using a hand-held sextant for taking navigation measurements from on board a manned spacecraft. The Ames Midcourse Guidance and Navigation Simulator. The comparison of sighting performance a hand-held and a gimbal-supported sextant.

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  • There is something to be learned about sex from the fact that we possess a concept of sexual perversion. Defending the concept against the charge of un-intelligibility, trying to say exactly what about human sexuality qualifies it to admit of perversions.

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  • Early life in Stratford. Early life in StratfordThe early poems, the sonnets, the early play, the histories, the Roman plays, the late plays. The contribution of textual criticism. The first reference to Shakespeare in the literary world of London.

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  • Gothic tradition as one of the most essential trademarks of english identity. Dramatic landscapes and scenes, supernatural phenomena and situations as one of the main features of the influence of Shakespeare's literary creativity on Gothic culture.

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  • William Shakespeare as the father of English literature and drama of the 16th century. His work: classification and chronology. Language creativity and its morphological features. Development of his style and literary device works. Examples of poems.

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  • Collapse of Soviet Union. Foundation of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). The main forms of cooperation, objectives of the collaboration, duties and functions of the states – members of SCO in a fight against terrorism, separatism and extremism.

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  • The concept and nature of globalization, its advantages and disadvantages. The impact of migration on territorial boundaries, the use of state and local budgets for the development and organization of new jobs, construction of social infrastructure.

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  • Micali-Reyzin computational model. Target circuit and block cipher. Analysis of single point leakages. Towards the analysis of real constructions. Definition of security against side-channel attacks. The initialize a PRNG securely with a public seed.

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  • Main tourist sights of England. Westminster Abbey is a living church, the traditional place of coronation and burial site for monarchs. Pictures of greatest artists is in Buckingham Palace. The London Eye and the Tower of London are tourist attractions.

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