• The land and resources, physiographic regions, rivers and lakes, climate, plant and animal life of Scotland. Population characteristics and the most populous cities in Scotland. Cultural and educations development. Mining and national manufacturing.

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  • Concept and prototype for an "assembling" IT intergration portal to be used in higher education. Solution, to use Elgg as an information portal and social media platform. The gap between the closed nature of university IT infrastructure and user-friendly.

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  • Experiment to search for double beta decay is in progress in the INFN laboratory with the help of ultra-low background high purity Ge gamma spectrometry. Studies of double beta decay give information about properties of neutrino and weak interactions.

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  • The seasonality of demand in the hotel industry and its dependence on the location of the hotel. The popularity of resorts focused on health care. Measures to attract customers to the hotel: discounts, services, etc. Seasonality in Saint-Petersburg.

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  • A popular opinion among mathematical logicians by referring to second-order logic as "set theory in sheep`s clothing". Boolos`s translation of the second-order axiom of foundation. Using ordinary language to settle logical matters. Boolos`s circle.

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  • Primary school, incomplete secondary education, upper secondary school and complete secondary education. Basics of the Belarusian and Russian languages, mathematics, nature study, initial knowledge about society, and national history and culture.

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  • Computer security approach. Message authentication codes. Bilinear maps from elliptic curve pairings. Cryptographic hash functions. Method of session key generation. Secure authenticated encryption schemes. An efficient protocol in extended model.

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  • Make translation of paper-based procedures to networked digital ones hard. Specific non-repudiation services. General contribution to multi-party problem. Summary of MPNR protocol properties. Supporting legal framework. Main model simulation event.

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  • Classification and concept of securities. Kinds of the share markets. The basic representations and functions of the markets of the action. Bonds - the securities which have been let out by the company, the governments and financial institutions.

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  • Implementing two-party computation efficiently with security against malicious adversaries. Two generic constructions of probabilistic cryptosystems and their applications. Cramer-shoup satisfies a stronger plaintext awareness under a weaker assumption.

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  • The policy and organization of information security. The lack of detection systems on enterprise. Classification and management of technology resources. Understanding the need of controlling process. Problems in security management and their solutions.

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  • Database and logic abduction method. Classical Logic Programming approach. Soundness and completeness DLA method. Various aspects of analysis of security protocols. Needham-Schroeder protocol. Optimized Otway-Rees protocol. Internet Key Exchange Protocol.

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  • Tectonic setting, geological history of the Starobin Potash Deposit, the seismic monitoring. Rock jointing in western part of East European platform. The necessity of the tectonic stress accounting. Evolution of paleostresses in the lithosphere of EEP.

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  • Auction is a widespread mechanism of trading, which requires from the potential buyers to submit their so-called bids. Generalized mineral rights model. Valuations and functions of order statistics. Wolfram mathematica code. Functions of order statistics.

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  • Some features of the style of official documents. The legal genre. Selected problems of description in the relevance-theoretic framework. Bases of the English legal language. Translation in international settings and the training of lawyer linguists.

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  • Use of metaphors and metonymy in texts. The development and change of the semantic structure of a word is always a source of qualitative and quantitative development of the vocabulary. The essence of the concept metaphor. Cognitive/conceptual metonymy.

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  • The meaning of a word, changes of lexical meanings. Transfer of the meaning is called lexico. Semantic changes, types of semantic changes. Metaphor and metonymy. Other types of semantic changes. Causes of semantic change. Linguistic realization of notion.

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  • Ways of word building. Classification of english homonyms. The phoneme theory. The materialistic conception of the phoneme. The english vowel system. Front-retracted and back-advanced vowels. The english consonant system. Segmental level of language.

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  • Types of semantic relations of words. Semantic classification of words. Classification of synonyms. Lexical and terminological sets, lexico-semantic groups and semantic fields. Classification of antonyms. Criteria of synonymy. The dominant synonym.

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  • Система английских времен глагола. Способы выражения длительности и значение длительных конструкций в древнеанглийском. Современная группа длительных времен Continuous Tenses. Примеры применения The Present, The Past, The Future Continuous Tense.

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