• The studying of geographical position a largest city of the United Kingdom - London. The main attractions and places in West End. Review of the Queen's Residence, Trafalgar Square of London. The Tower as a symbol of the norman conquest of England.

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  • The basic principles of the Cours: les deux principes generaux and Suassure labeled. An enormous role in the area of derivations and of word families, where similarity between. The issue of sound symbolism. The second principle in Saussure’s Course.

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  • Mathematical approach to problems in signal interpretation with using the methods for texture identification, segmentation, template matching, pattern recognition. Fundamental basics about analog and discrete signals, linear systems, Fourier transforms.

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  • Money in the succession of purposes. Nervous to the fingertips of the almost frightening sensibility of the neurasthenic, Simel as one of the ingenious interpreters of psychic emotions, incomparable in the gift to feel the subtle vibrations of the soul.

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  • Presentation process modelling of gas turbine combustion chamber as one of the efficient energy technologies. Description of the development of green technologies reduce the emissions of combustion products of different fuel compositions in gas turbine.

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  • Territorial disparities of health and socio-demographic status of the regions of Ukraine. The lack of medical resources, clinical and staff potential and disparities in financial support in areas. demographic expectations and ecological status country.

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  • Describing space-time evolution of electric charge induced in dielectric layer of simulated metalinsulator-semiconductor structures due to irradiation with X-rays. The system of equations used as a basis of the simulation model is solved iteratively.

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  • Application of mathematical methods - important condition in the analysis, work optimization of industrial structures. Use of the device of imitating modeling for research of production systems. The program table parameters for collecting statistics.

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  • The process of helicopter pilots training by simulator. Analyzed the aviation accidents due to human factor. The way of estimation of pilots training by simulators. The formalization of the educational process with the control of training information.

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  • Общие сведения о программе Simulink, её интерфейс, назначение и преимущества. Создание модели в программе, основные приёмы подготовки и редактирования. Установка параметров расчёта и его выполнение. Использование редактора дифференциальных уравнений.

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  • Theory of Translation. Semantic dissimilarity of analogous structures. Current machine translation software, his significance, types and examples. The nature of translation and human language. Different interpreting schools all around the world.

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  • Military activities in the context of our country conduct local military operations involving officers of the units. Studies on sytuatyvnoosobystisnyh orientation leader in the area of border Ukraine. Situationally and personal guidance officer manager.

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  • The number of the bones in the adult human skeleton. Main functions of the skeleton. Sex-based differences between the male and female human skeletons. Neurocranium and viscerocranium components of the human scull. Picture of the human skeleton.

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  • Skepticism in literature as mode, in opinion Hume and Musil. Literature whichis without regard for truth, seeks to excite emotion. The essay is in search to make communication possible, that accomodates the motivation. "The second dimension of thought".

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  • The main types of skiing. Ski equipment and clothing: the nature and specificity of equipment. Description ski competitions. Birkenbeinerlauf. Biathion - from hunting to sporting competition. The history of skiing. Skiing as Britain's favorite sport.

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  • Description, history and interesting facts of the Smithsonian museum, the National air and space Museum, National Museum of American History, National Museum of the American indian, National Museum of Natural History, the National Gallery of Art.

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  • An investigation of the line profile variations (LPV) in spectra of hot stars. The smooth Time Variation Spectra (smTVS) for detection of micro LPV of various nature. Results of using the telescopes of the Caucasus Special Astrophysical Observatory.

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  • This is Soccer. British Soccer History. The History of Soccer Shoes. Association Rules. Inetrnational Football. Development of Soccer Boots. Marketing, improvement of safety, work, materials. Nottingemshirsky County as the first professional command.

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  • The development of information and communications technologies leads to new ways of marketing communication. The companies perception and intensity of implementation in Lithuania in comparison with Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Netherlands, and Israel.

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  • Symbolic power in social space. Structuralism is social world itself and not only within symbolic systems, objective structures independent of the consciousness. A twofold social genesis the schemes of perception and social structures (social classes).

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