• History of education of the County of Suffolk, its geographical location. The characteristics and formation of a land division, creation of administrative districts. Suffolk and the Ice age, the base of the Ipswich, a description of East and West Suffolk.

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  • An island is as a body of land surrounded by water. Australia, the smallest continent, is the largest island. Basic types of islands: continental, tidal, barrier, oceanic, coral, artificial. The kinds of organisms that live on and around an island.

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  • Location, territory and ethnic composition of the population Kazakhstan. Public holidays. Regions requiring foreigners to obtain permission to Acces. Administrative setup and religions sects. Official political parties and list of Cabinet of Ministers.

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  • London is a leading global city, with strengths in the arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, professional services, research and development, tourism, and transport, it is one of the world's financial centres.

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  • London as the capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the largest city in the British Isles. The main features of the geographical and economic situation. Characteristic features of the territorial Edinburg, Cardiff, Belfast.

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  • From the Land Called Beringia. Migration from Asia to North America. Origins of Alaska’s Native Groups: Eskimos, Aleuts, Athabascans, and Northwest Coast Indians. From the Russian Empire to the America. The most important dates in the history of Alaska.

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  • A warm-summer Mediterranean climate of Monaco. Types of transport are in Monaco. Sport and entertainment in Monaco (Formula one, the Monte Carlo Rally). Men's football club AS Monaco FC and women's football club OS Monaco. Features of Gambling industry.

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  • The concept of a tornado like spiral bell wind flow connected to a large Cumulus or rain clouds, their basic types: landspout, tornadoes whirlwinds and tornadoes. The sources of their formation and distribution on all continents except Antarctica.

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  • New York as s financial and media capital of the world and the capital of the United States. Greenwich Village and the East Village at the center of New York. Statue of Liberty History, Brooklyn Bridge, Liberty State Park, Empire State Bilding.

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  • Studying the business centre of the United States, is situated in the mouth of the Hudson river. Present Statue of Liberty from France in 1876 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of American independence. The theatres and cintmas of New York.

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  • New York City is a city in the southern end of the state of New York and is the most populous city in the United States of America. The most popular neighborhoods of New York City: Wall Street, New York City Hall, the World Trade Center, The Manhattan.

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  • Flora and Fauna in New Zealand. Climate is temperate with no real extremes. The population is in the country. The dominant cultural groups are the Pakeha and the Maori. A form of Government. The art: valuing innovation, integrity and craftsmanship.

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  • The geographical position of New Zealand, the flag state, the significance of its colors. The history of the national coat of arms, the value of the Maori culture. The specificity of flora and fauna in New Zealand. Location Rotorua, distinctive features.

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  • Learning the geographical position, etymology and history of New Zealand. Analyze the Local government, external territories, foreign relations and the military. Description of the film industry, culture, popular participatory sports and media industry.

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  • Широкое географическое распространение Peponia fenneriae в эоценовых осадках разных океанов и полушарий. Морфологическая характеристика и методы использования для биостратиграфических и палеогеографических целей видового разнообразия рода Peponia.

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  • The main components of water resources of Kyrgyzstan are the rivers, lakes, glaciers, groundwater, mineral springs. In general, the country has more than 2,000 rivers with a length of 10 km and above, the total is their length is almost 35 thousand km.

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  • The Russian Federation it’s a largest country in the world and it ranks seventh in the world in population. The Russia is a federative democratic republic with a President. The administrative-territorial division of the country and the ethnic groups.

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  • Description of the living conditions of Scotland. Geography and climate conditions. Description and examples of populations living on the territory of Scotland. The capital of Edinburgh. Rituals, costumes and musical instruments. Famous Scottish legend.

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  • Geographical position, climate and animal life of Scotland. Scotland’s government, natural resources and population. Early peoples of Scotland. Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh’s Castle, the Military Tattoo, St. Giles’ Cathedral, Edinburgh’s museums.

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  • The land and resources, physiographic regions, rivers and lakes, climate, plant and animal life of Scotland. Population characteristics and the most populous cities in Scotland. Cultural and educations development. Mining and national manufacturing.

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