• Державний устрій Норвегії. Колективістсько-універсалістська модель соціально-економічного розвитку на основі приватної власності і ринку. Концепція функціональної соціалізації економіки. Основні риси скандинавської моделі. Традиційні галузі промисловості.

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  • Сущность семи чудес света как наиболее знаменитых памятников скульптуры и архитектуры Древнего мира. История появления пирамид Египта, их основные предназначения. Характерные черты висячих садов Семирамиды. Особенности строения мавзолея в Галикарнасе.

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  • Scotland is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. General characteristics of the state, its culture and traditions. The climate and terrain, common representatives of flora and fauna. Religious and social traditions of the population of Scotland.

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  • Astana is the capital and second largest city (behind Almaty) of Kazakhstan. It is located in the north-central portion of Kazakhstan, within Akmola Province, although it is politically separate from the rest of the province, which has its own capital.

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  • The Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, the Yellowstone and Death Valley National Parks are unique places in North America. The Mount Rushmore is number one tourist attraction. The Everglades ecosystem is the largest subtropical wilderness in the USA.

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  • Australia as a country of contrasts, the driest inhabited continent on earth. The influence of climate on the environment of Australia. The slow-moving and large anti-cyclones. Main types of the plants and animals of the Lichfield National Park.

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  • The geographic characteristics of Commonwealth of Australia. The history of human habitation of territory. The population in the country. The form of government and its branches. Climate and landscapes. Religion and the national language. Australian arts.

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  • The definition of economic-geographical location of Australia. Description of natural conditions and socio-ethnic characteristics of the population of the camps. Resources and the state of the industry state. Agriculture and foreign relations Australia.

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  • Bialowieza forest is a large primeval lowland forest. The state national Park, which is located in the Republic of Belarus, is a single natural complex of the Bialowieza National Park in Poland. Ecological-economic and scientific-research institution.

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  • Canada is a North American country consisting of ten provinces and three territories. Canada is a federal state governed as a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy. Canada is officially bilingual and multicultural at the federal level.

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  • Canada's official National flag and its color. The discovery of the Canadian beaver and its approval as a national emblem. Approval of the maple leaf as main symbol and the struggle between the two national emblems. The Story of the Arms of Canada.

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  • China is the most multinational country in all world. Population growth and Population distribution. Internal migration and China sticks to population control policy in new century. President on population control, resources and environmental protection.

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  • Consideration of the historical attractions that brought famous cities of Great Britain, Edinburgh, Swansea, Newport, Brighton, Windsor, Bath, Stratford-upon-Avon, Nottingham, York, Chester, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Newcastle.

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  • Экономико-географическое положение Московской области, ее природно-климатические условия, потенциал природных ресурсов. Демографическая ситуация и рынок труда, экономический потенциал. Цели, задачи, показатели стратегии развития Московской области.

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  • Characterization of the origins of modern Mexico. The Grande de Santiago and the Lerma rivers as an important source of hydroelectric power. Analysis of the main historical reasons for the dominance of the Spanish language dominant in the country.

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  • Страны Азии как самая многонаселенная часть света, проживает почти 60% всего населения Земли. Родина древнейших мировых цивилизаций и самая бурно развивающаяся часть света. Микрогосударства с абсолютной монархией. Результаты распада Османской империи.

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  • History of the demographic statistics. The population of the United Kingdom in the 2011 census, age structure. The most recent census data regarding religion. English, scots and welsh. A separate education system in each country of the United Kingdom.

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  • The history of European colonization and modern times. Government and politics, legislation in Canada, international and military relations. Geography and climate of Canada. The development of science, economy and culture. The capital of Canada - Ottawa.

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  • The experience of emulsion explosives. Changes in IEE detonation velocity with respect to the degree of ammonium nitrate replacement with calcium nitrate (2) and sodium nitrate (3) compared to the IEE on the basis of ammonium nitrate monosolution (1).

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  • Unique natural world of New Zealand under the influence long-term historical isolation from other continents. Depicting tuckahoe on a coin in one New Zealand dollar. Reptiles in New Zealand. Tsiateya silver as one of the common national symbols.

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