• Use of herbicides for control of weeds and ensuring efficiency of crops in modern agroproduction. Defect of chromosomes, fragments, bridges, backlog or separation, unequal distribution and the condensed chromosomes in mitotic cells of Triticum aestivum L.

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  • Equine dental evolution: perspective from the fossil record. Fossil horse dental adaptations. Trends in dental evolution. Dental ontogeny and wear. Fossil record. endodontic therapy. Technique for tooth capping. Extraction by vertical alveolar osteotomy.

    книга (28,5 M)
  • Dental anatomy, equipment, examination. Basic dental techniques. Newborn, weanling, adolescent horse dentistry. The mature and geriatric horse. Basics of diagnostic imaging. Dental infections: pathology and treatment. Marketing the equine dental practice.

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  • Structure and function of the skin. Methods of diagnosis. Activity dermatologic therapy. Bacterial, fungal, parasitic, viral and protozoal skin diseases. Skin immune system and allergic skin diseases. Keratinization defects, pigmentary abnormalities.

    учебное пособие (31,6 M)
  • Brief history of the disease laminitis horses. Description of anatomy, physiology and ultrastructure of a foot of a horse. Understanding of difficult pathology which supports an illness. The impact of this disease on the sports qualities horses.

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  • Pharmaceutical considerations for treatment of central nervous system disease. Anesthetic considerations for horses with neurologic disease. The basics of equine neuropathology. Miscellaneous conditions. Electrolytes, neurological dysfunction in horses.

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  • Study of pathological changes of vegetative, generative organs of common ash (Fraxinus excelsior L). Different systematic and functional groups of microorganisms, numerous types of harmful entomofauna. Etiology of common ash diseases in Podolia, Ukraine.

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  • The study of the etiology and pathogenesis of the spread of drying of forest plantations. Classification of basic factors and reasons that contribute to the weakening and drying of woody plants and the recommended models that explain this phenomenon.

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  • The influence of the main emissions from cement production on the formation of their agrochemical indicators of Chernozem optsionalnogo on the distance from the source of anthropogenic emissions. The consequences of enriching the soil exchange bases.

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  • The efficiency of boardless tilling by chisel equipment in the conditions of compaction of the plough layer. The factors that prove expediency of soil chiselling and of introduction into technological growing processes of resource saving tilling.

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  • Анализ санитарно-гигиенических, юридических и гуманитарных аспектов фелинологии, требующих ветеринарного сопровождения. Значение кошки, как культурологического объекта, биологического средства в психологических и социально-педагогических методиках.

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  • Characteristic features of the causes of forest degradation in the Indian Himalayas. Description of the environmental measures to improve forest health and prevent their degradation in areas that are managed by local communities in the Indian state.

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  • The problem of successful anesthesia and analgesia in horses operations, their reaction to anesthesia. The use of innovative products, new techniques, new drugs and new uses for old drugs. Approaches to safe anesthesia, the value of the human factor.

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  • Principles of radiography, x-ray equipment. Radiation laws and regulations of the various states, and the general practice principles that should be applied to comply with the limit dose levels. Radiation safety, preparation of the horse to radiography.

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  • The evolution of the horse. Characteristics of horses as a species. Variety of horses and many different types of breeds of horses. Horses in the British Isles. Breeds of the eastern hemisphere. Breeds a new world. The members of the horse family.

    книга (4,1 M)
  • History of development of horses as a species, emergence of breeds of horses. The value of quality forage, grazing horses to their health. Owning and educating a Horse. Horse Shows. Breeds of horses which are the best for trail and endurance riding.

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  • Study of economic effect of reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus and porcine circovirus type 2. Analysis of immunoprophylaxis of porcine circovirus type 2. Analysis of impact of reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus on farm productivity.

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  • A survey of representatives of five species of cyprinid fish to infection by monogenean parasites belonging to the genera Dactylogyrus and Paradiplozoon. Analysis the high degree of penetration by diplodocidae, which are bioindicators of pollution.

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  • Development of aggregates of embryoids. The use of proembriogenous suspensions consisting mainly of individual cells in gene transformation and selection at the cellular level in order to reduce the likelihood of the appearance of chimeric plants.

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  • Изучение генетической изменчивости деревьев разных селекционных категорий сосны обыкновенной по ISSR-маркерам в плюсовом насаждении. Маркирование хозяйственно-ценных признаков древесных растений. Параметры генетической изменчивости плюсового насаждения.

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