• The induction on a stationary cylindrical capacitor in the presence of a rotating magnet or solenoid is zero. In this investigation, based on the modified Lorentz force law, which complies with Galilean transformations and depends on relative velocities.

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  • The renormalization-group analysis of turbulence, based on KG Wilson’s coarse-graining procedure, leads to suggestive results for turbulence coefficients and models. The RG method, a calculation procedure successfully employed in many areas of physics.

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  • Summary of residual current devices. Its main purpose, operation and placement. Purpose of National Electrical Code. The process of RCDs. The process of replacing the two-wire (ungrounded) output. Photo of the internal mechanism of the residual current.

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  • DAMA/LIBRA is running at the Gran Sasso National Laboratory of the I.N.F.N. The data collected confirm the model independent evidence of the presence of Dark Matter (DM) particles in the galactic halo on the basis of the DM annual modulation signature.

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  • The use of high-frequency-magnetron sputtering, reactive solid-phase target in argon atmosphere to obtain silicon carbide and a film of silicon nitride. Using the obtained samples to create solar cells on substrates of monocrystalline silicon of p-type.

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  • Low Temperature Synthesis and Photocatalytic Activity of Rutile TiO2 Nanorod Superstructures. Nanodispersed rutile with rod-like particles was synthesized by hydrolysis of TiCl4 in hydrochloric acid - ethanol alcohol aqueous solution at temperature 40 C.

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  • Experiment to search for double beta decay is in progress in the INFN laboratory with the help of ultra-low background high purity Ge gamma spectrometry. Studies of double beta decay give information about properties of neutrino and weak interactions.

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  • The distribution of the electron density and the height of the ionospherе. Analysis of the laws of longitude-latitude variations in the northern and southern hemispheres. Geographical indices of appearance of anomalies in calculations of the CCIR model.

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  • Averaged level-density shell corrections and shell-structure energies are continuous through all symmetry-breaking (bifurcation) points. Enhancement of the nuclear shell structure near bifurcations in the superdeformed region for the level densities.

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  • The moment of inertia for the collective rotation. Three-dimensional periodic orbits for the axially symmetric harmonic-oscillator potential. Model of independent particles near the Fermi surface. The total free energy, the moment of inertia of the JMC.

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  • The feasibility of using a hand-held sextant for taking navigation measurements from on board a manned spacecraft. The Ames Midcourse Guidance and Navigation Simulator. The comparison of sighting performance a hand-held and a gimbal-supported sextant.

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  • Presentation process modelling of gas turbine combustion chamber as one of the efficient energy technologies. Description of the development of green technologies reduce the emissions of combustion products of different fuel compositions in gas turbine.

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  • Describing space-time evolution of electric charge induced in dielectric layer of simulated metalinsulator-semiconductor structures due to irradiation with X-rays. The system of equations used as a basis of the simulation model is solved iteratively.

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  • Differential Doppler shift between rays as one of the main parameter of radio channel. The method of calculation of the transmitter radiate continuous amplitude-modulated continuous wave. Analysis of the spectrums of differential signal elements.

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  • The essence of the process of using solar energy in the areas of alternative energy. The process of generating electricity using solar cells. The advantages and disadvantages of the introduction of solar energy. The use of photovoltaic installations.

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  • The usual interpretations of Newton's and Leibniz's view on the nature of space and the relativity of motion. A more accurate rendering of the opposition between Newton and Leibniz. Leibniz's theory of space against the representation of motion.

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  • Synthesis of transparent siliceous environments with high-doped Yb-Er, Yb-Ho and Yb-Eu. Definition of media structure and spectral-luminescent properties in the anti-Stokes region when excited by ions Yb3 +. Analysis of properties silicious glassy media.

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  • Structure, composition and properties of these coatings were studied. Hardness measurements and adhesion tests were provided. Values of hardness and cohesive strength. Physical and technological parameters of deposition, elemental composition of coatings.

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  • Study of spectral characteristics of layered chiral media using the method of matrix distribution. The calculation of the coefficients of transmission and reflection of linearly polarized electromagnetic wave on the structure of planar chiral layers.

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  • The study of surface electromagnetic waves propagating along а boundary line. Methods of achieving efficient excitation of surface plasmon polaritons. Properties of quasi-particles and photons interacting with elementary excitations of environment.

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