• Изучение парадоксов квазистатической электродинамики, большинство из которых можно с успехом объяснить, опираясь на ньютоновскую механику. Энергетический и силовой подход. Эксперименты Р. Сигалова и Г. Николаева. Униполярная индукция и мотор Фарадея.

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  • Исследование магнитных полей и их взаимодействий, открытие закона Био-Савара-Лапласа. Действие магнитного поля на проводники с током. Силовые линии магнитного поля. Определение магнитного поля движущегося заряда и напряженности внутри соленоида с током.

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  • Principles of obtaining the expression for the force acting on an ion in the presence of current. Examination of the physical mechanisms that ignore the existing arguments against conservatism. Prediction of current-induced forces in unexpected places.

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  • A theoretical derivation of the homogeneous Maxwell equations, based on Stokes theorem for Minkowski space tensors. The Maxwell equations for the electromagnetic field and the Lorentz 4-force law for a charged particle. A consequence of the antisymmetry.

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  • Detailed arguments showing that the set of Maxwell equations, and the corresponding wave equations, do not properly describe the evolution of electromagnetic wave-fronts. Criticism of the theory of electromagnetism. Modified the Maxwell equations.

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  • The problem of gauge transformation of the electromagnetic potentials in classical electrodynamics (CED). Experimental vidence by Nikola Tesla: longitudinal vacuum waves, electrodynamic forces, appled power from static charge and scalar field in CED.

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  • The quantum theory of a free real scalar eld as one of the few quantum eld theories that are exactly soluble. The classical structures as relevant for quantization and is used for constructing the Schrodinger representation in the general case.

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  • Centroids and Moments of Inertia, and Center of Mass. First Moment and Centroid of a Set of Points. Kinematics of a Particle. Dynamics of a Particle. Polar and Cylindrical Coordinates. Kinematics of Rigid Bodies. Equation of Motion for the Mass Center.

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  • Study of features of production a-particles with nonzero orbital angular momentum in the decay of deformed nuclei in the cluster model using the WKB. Characteristics of a-decay half-lives for set of deformed nuclei with nonzero orbital angular momentum.

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  • Solar and water power. Nuclear power plants. Appropriate regions for alternative energy. Environmental problems that may have a terrible influence on the future of the world. Greenhouse effect is the emissions of different gases in the process of firing.

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  • 4-dimensional (4D) aether formed by a fluid of preons in continual motion in a 4D-space, where the time dimension is as a spatial dimensions. A specializing the equation of motion to an inviscid constant density region of 4D moving and excess energy.

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  • Electric Induction Force in Railguns. The railgun accelerator. Derivation of Lorentz Force Law. The force exerted on a particle due to a potential energy. Weber Force Law and Amp`ere Force Law. Riemann Force Law. Newton’s law of action and reaction.

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  • Brief biography of the Polish physicist A. Raabe, during his studies at Warsaw University, faculty of mathematics and natural Sciences. The master's degree. Research on mechanics of material systems. Teaching practice at the Ivan Franko University.

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  • Life and Atoms. When the atom gets excited. Energy of the Photon. Energy Level Diagrams. Emission Line Spectra. Notation & Isotopes. Energy Unit Check. Alpha Decay Applications. Positron emission tomography. Gamma Decay Applications. Fission Bomb.

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  • The problems of quantum gravity, the search for consistent schemes for the equations in quantum field theory. Perturbation theory and the Schwinger-DeWitt technique. A regular covariant method is for expanding the one-loop action in powers of curvatures.

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  • Analysis of features of the power system of organism. Essence of concept is a "biofield". Life as continuous process of absorption of energy of different kinds and different values. Biological aspects of influence of the electromagnetic fields on a man.

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  • Description of the mathematical model of the rubber ball with the long form of the cylinder (except the ends) with a mouthpiece. Isothermal process of inflating the ball at room temperature while neglecting the weight of the container and gravity.

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  • The blackbody radiation problem within classical physics is reviewed. Discussion of Fundamental Constants. Analysis Maxwell’s equations. Linear and Nonlinear Oscillator Scatterers. Wien Displacement Law and the Mismatch with the Boltzmann Distribution.

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  • The derivative expansion of the QED effective action as a divergent but Borel summable asymptotic series, for a particular inhomogeneous background magnetic eld. A non-Borel-summable perturbative series for a time dependent background electric eld.

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  • Analysis of the structure of the electromagnet. Features of the equivalent circuit of the electromagnet. Stages of the calculation of the magnetic flux and the electromagnetic force. Consideration of ways to determine the electromagnetic forces.

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