• Studying the behavior of active nanoparticles ensemble within the framework of canonical approach, taking into account the internal energy. Applying the anharmonic representation of the Hamilton function and analysis the kinetics of the self-assembly.

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  • Study of the history of origin of the basic concepts of optical resonators and lensguides, development of new concepts and still further knowledge in this area in the first decade of the laser era. The technical aspects of optical beams and resonators.

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  • The phase shift how a result of the self-inductance of the current loops within the conductor. Levitation of conductors in an oscillating magnetic field. The studying phenomenon the self-inductance of an aluminum ring from measuring the vertical force.

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  • A formal result of the longitudinal force acting on a moving potential. The equivalence between the adiabatic perturbation theory and the kinetic theory for the longitudinal force in the dilute gas limit. The longitudinal force. Long-ranged potentials.

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  • The most practical table for use with low altitude observations. The speed of light. The absolute index of refraction of a substance. The computing astronomical refraction. F corrective factor for variation in air density. Refrection correction table.

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  • The results of experimental studies of the magnetooptical Kerr effect of thin-film systems based on Niand V. Dimensional and temperature dependencies of the Kerr effect are shown, as well change of MOKE-loop shape at different annealing temperatures.

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  • Model of nanostructured finishing and improving surface treatment of machine parts based on nonlinear dissipative oscillator, allowing to define the bifurcation parameters of frictional force and speed of loading of the material of the surface layer.

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  • The propagation of electromagnetic waves in inhomogeneous isotropic lines in the presence of expofunctional influences. Differential equations like the wave equation relative to the unknown electromagnetic field intensities, criteria of solvability.

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  • The Maxwell electromagnetic duality relations the Aharonov-Bohm, Aharonov-Casher, and He-McKellar-Wilkens topological phases, which allow a unified description of all three phenomena. Two experimental schemes for measuring the He-McKellar-Wilkens phase.

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  • A study of the incidence set the value of Skyrmeparameters. Characteristic of the radii of the valence neutrons orbits in the mode energy of multiple cores. How to limit values Skyrme parameters. Sketch of the contemporary state of nuclear matter.

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  • Quantification of plastic strain by crystal orientation. Crystal orientation distribution and calculation of crystal deformation. Influence of the EBSD system. Relation with plastic strain. Misorientations from central orientation in each grain.

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  • Propose a new approach, based on the evolutionary algorithm, which enables to extract a scattering matrix S. Consideration of the model-independent definition scattering matrix. Study the basic aspects of the independence of the final S-matrix forms.

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  • Breaker protection and control architecture. Modern microprocessor-based relay protection and automation devices. Notion of intelligent electronic devices. Advanced breaker protection and control diagnostic. Blocking functions in breaker protection.

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  • Model of the electromagnetic force. Lorentz Force Law in Potentials. Augmented Potentials, Electromagnetic Force Law. Augmented Potentials under Neutralization. Force Law under Low-Speed Condition. Sagnac Effect and Galilean Relativity. Extra Force Terms.

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  • The assessment of radiological hazard to the workers involved in manganese mining, industrial applications in Egypt. The natural radionuclides contents of manganese have been determined by low background spectroscopy using hyper-pure germanium detector.

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  • Familiarity with the distribution characteristics of eddy currents in a hollow perforated rotor polyfunctional Electromechanical transducer. General characteristics of laws of spatial distribution of current density in a hollow perforated rotor.

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  • Analysis of physical and numerical modeling of an electron emission and transport processes for different electron-optical energy conversion systems with nanostructured surface electron sources. Review of energy conversion processes with high efficiency.

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  • Equations of motion for nuclear shape variables which establish a direct connection of the memory effects with the dynamic distortion of the Fermi surface. Applying the non-Markovian dynamics to the description of the nuclear giant multipole resonances.

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  • Schematic of one simple form of Marinov motor. Torque Formulas. Analysis for Arbitrary Magnet Cross Section Shapes. Torsion Balance Measurement of Torque. Schematic of torsion balance used in presentlyreported torque measurements. A balance calibration.

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  • The electromagnetic energy-momentum tensor for a system of charged particles and its "gauge renormalization". Classical electrodynamics after "gauge renormalization". The momentum of free and bound EM fields. Proper mass of electron and Poincare stresses.

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