• Modernism as a multifaceted phenomenon. The opposition between modernist procedures and inclusive postmodernist practices. A separation of technical and aesthetic needs. Modernization ability to turn difference into equivalence, to make objects fungible.

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  • Pedagogical and musical analysis: the procedure from outside from inside, the pedagogical procedure. Explanation and example in the "Music Appreciation Hour". The question of characteristic examples and scientific explanations. Musical Babbittry.

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  • Early performances the Beatles - the most successful pop group. Pop songs. Variety of musical instruments. Performance at the London Palladium. Charismatic and individually talented artists. Experiments with the John Lennon psychedelic poesies and art.

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  • The definition of "symphony" are lengthy form of musical composition for orchestra, normally consisting of several large sections, or movements. Three parts the "Symphony" by Dziga Vertov: "Church", "Mining-Plants", "Kolkhoz". The "Symphony of Donbass".

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  • This article mediates between two views of the sonata-form development section: one based on key and cadence plan (Koch), another based on harmonic progression (Schenker). Three sonata movements by C.P.E. Bach, all of which agree with Koch's discussion.

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  • A structural theory of form. Sketch of a structural form-theory. Harmonic relations between sections. Thematic qualification of harmonically-related sections. The impact of this structural form-theory. Schenker's theory of form and formal categories.

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  • The history of music in XIX-th century in a form other than that of monographs about the leading composers, interspersed with outlines of cultural history which find room for the "minor masters". The composers of the works which constitute the "canon".

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  • Nu metal is a fusion of alternative metal with such styles as grunge, groove metal, hip-hop. This genre was one of the most popular in the mid-1990s and early 2000-ies. Popular bands playing in the style of nu metal, their main tools and traits.

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  • Time as musical problem. Dynamization and negation time by painting, Raumkunst. Syncretism, the vague notion of an undialectical continuum of arts in general. The pseudomorphosis toward painting, one of the key categories for Stravinsky. Language of art.

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  • Problems presented by the attempt to translate Adorno. Associating the word "analysis" in music with the idea of all that is dead and removed from the living work of art. The music as an event in any adequate analysis of Beethoven. The "holistic" method.

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  • Tchaikovsky as a legal student. Musical career. Pyotr as professor of composition. Tchaikovsky took to orchestral conducting after filling in at a performance in Moscow of his opera The Enchantress. The composer visited America in a triumphant tour.

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  • Взаємодія зовнішньо і внутрішньо оркестрових солістів в основі аналізу оркестрування. Основні оригінальні прийоми Й. Брамса: регулярні зміни густини викладення, незвичні дублювання, своєрідна динамізація репризи, неочікуванно тривале солювання гобою.

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  • Влияние The Beatles, как одной из наиболее успешных групп XX века как в творческом, так и в коммерческом смысле, на рок-музыку и всемирное признание британских музыкантов. Творческие разногласия, приведшие к распаду группы, трагическая смерть Дж. Леннона.

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  • Identity reigns between the form of the record disk and that of the world in which it plays. Technological developments that transformed the drums of the mechanical music boxes and organs into the mechanism of the phonograph. Records as the black seals.

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  • Theodor Adorno`s writting on jazz - "some of the stupidest pages ever written". Ignorance of the specifically American features of jazz. Two misconceptions associated with Adorno`s use of the term "jazz". Styles and currents of the German "Jazz Age".

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  • Modes of limited transposition are musical modes or scales that fulfill specific criteria relating to their symmetry and the repetition of the interval groups. Analyze the intervals of the major scale. Transposing the diatonic major scale up in semitones.

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  • Music - the one of the most versatile branches of human self-expression. Main directions and modern forms of musical art. The most popular types of music: blues, classical, country, jazz, electronic, metal, punk, rock-n-roll, rock, rap and techno.

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  • Определение взаимосвязи творчества А.С. Пушкина с русским музыкальным театром, посредством анализа отношения музыки к периодам жизни известного поэта. Музыкальный мир и выявление влияния творчества А. Пушкина на деятельность знаменитых композиторов.

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  • Виявлення авторського стилю Брамса з його інструментальних творів шляхом аналізу властивостей смислу й специфіки смислорозгортання у просторово-часовій системі. Підпорядкування явища стилю Брамса принципу множинності при переважанні просторовості.

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  • Поняття особистості в богослов’ї й науці. Принцип просторовості на рівні організації музичного текста. Множинність: жанр, структура, стиль. Смислорозгортання в просторово-часовому вимірі. Особистісні (персональні) параметри авторського стилю Й. Брамса.

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