• Acquaintance with the etiology lymphadenitis - an inflammation of the lymph node. Definition and characteristics of the main forms of treatment of purulent lymphadenitis - surgical. Examination and analysis of the symptoms of the investigated disease.

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  • Results from the application of dental CT in endodontics. Dental computerized tomography examination of the maxilla in a case of extensive periapical lesion. Dental CT in the diagnosis of periapical lesions and pathologic conditions of the jaws.

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  • The root canal treatment usually fails when the treatment is carried out inadequately. The aetiology of the failure of root canal treatment, particularly in cases of well-treated root canals. Indications for the treatment of endodontic failures.

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  • Analysis of the distribution of polymorphic variants of genes by SNP F2 G20210A, F5 G1691A and MTHFR C677T among the Ukrainian population. Analysis of SNP alleles among unrelated individuals by PCR and RFLP analysis. Evaluation of combined genotypes.

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  • Small animal models of osteoarthritis are suitable for preclinical investigations of OA pathogenesis: its genetic and molecular mechanisms; large animal allow to investigate biomechanical changes of the joint and to provide intraarticular interventions.

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  • Producing countries classification, providing the population of Ukraine effective, qualitative and safe drugs. General characteristics of the methods of treatment of nicotine addiction. Pharmaceutical companies who supply antinicotine medications.

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  • Research of the main tendencies of the pharmaceutical market affecting the activity of manufacturing pharmaceutical enterprises are appearance of new medicines, expansion of the assortment. Development of pharmaceutical enterprises in the conditions.

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  • Classification, signs and symptoms of angina. The pathophysiology, diagnosis and epidemiology. Imbalance between the heart's oxygen demand and supply. Definition the nature of the coronary lesion. Increase in the blood pressure and the pulse rate.

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  • Risk assessment and factors that can negatively influence the consumers’ health. The implementation of norms and standards of new antimicrobial medicinal product registration in the Ukraine. Antibiotic resistantce as risk assessment component for human.

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  • The search for new and effective antimicrobial and antifungal agents is an important task of medical chemistry. The results of microbiological screening of new derivatives of [1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-a]pyrazine. Increased exposure to the microbial cell.

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  • This report reviews the literature on bone grafting, bone substitutes, bone regeneration, osteocompression and distraction which are potentially useful in the anterior maxilla. Several treatment modalities have been presented to augment the bone.

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  • Autism is a life-long developmental disability for which there is no cure. The treatment of autistic symptoms, or managing autistic behaviors. Autism spectrum disorders (early symptoms). General Causes of Autism. Prenatal and perinatal risk factors.

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  • Врожденные нарушения анатомического строения в виде незавершенного органогенеза, отклонения величины, формы, пропорций, симметрии, топографии. Образования, несвойственные женской особи в постнатальном периоде. Этиология и патогенез аномалий развития.

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  • The study of M. bovis with non-pathogenic strains biological properties. The selected race of modified forms of M. bovis. The production of colonies of orange color, the synthesis of short-chain fatty acids. Virulent mycobacteria of the maternal culture.

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  • Develop the vaccine against candidal infection biotechnological methods for obtaining antigens of Candida genus fungi have been. Btain antigens for the prevention and treatment of candidiasis use different types and parts of fungi of the genus Candida.

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  • The main problems of blood flow through a narrow catheterized artery with an axially nonsymmetrical stenosis. The effects of hematocrit and the stenosis shape on increased impedance and other flow characteristics during the artery catheterization.

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  • Blood transfusion is the process of receiving blood products into one's circulation intravenously. Pre-transfusion procedures. A bag containing one unit of fresh frozen plasma. Compatibility testing. Neonatal transfusion. Massive transfusion protocol.

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  • Diagnoses that can mimic acute odontogenic pain. Features of non-odontogenic dental pain. Treatment of the endodontic pain patient. Pharmacological strategies for postoperative endodontic pain. Non-narcotic analgesic dosing, timing of drug administration.

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  • The various formulations of calcium hydroxide. The use of active components that have been added to calcium hydroxide, including antimicrobial and antiinflammatory agents. Determination of the p-monochlorophenol residue in the calcium hydroxide.

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  • Hemodynamics as the movement of blood through the vessels that occurs due to difference hydrostatic pressure in various parts of the circulatory system. Results of real-patient graph calculations. Circulatory system and its separation into two parts.

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