• Prevalence of Heart Disease, of Stroke, of hypercholestrolemia. Heart Disease case(over 12 years) combine other chronic disease. Combine risk behaviors. Establishing a comprehensive prevention and control system. The promote healthy lifestyles.

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  • Cardiovascular system as the closed system of organs that provides blood circulation in the body of humans and animals. The structural features and functions of large, or flesh, and small blood circulation that deliver nutrients to and from the organs.

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  • Cholera is an acute intestinal infection caused by ingestion of food or water contaminated with the bacterium Vibrio cholerae. It remains a global threat and is one of the key indicators of social development. The producing of the first cholera vaccine.

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  • The results of the study epidemiological indicators of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: prevalence, incidence. Defining the role of tobacco in increasing the incidence of 15.4%. A study of the mortality rate for diseases of the lungs in Ukraine.

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  • Age-related changes in blood pressure, in heart rate. The influence of school stress on the cardiovascular system students. Blood pressure in students in a state of relative calm. The change of parameters of the cardiovascular system in children.

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  • Concept and general characteristics of bronchitis, their classification and types of conditions. The structure of the bronchi and the reasons for their inflammation. Etiology and pathogenesis of the disease, approaches to its diagnosis and treatment.

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  • The analysis of archival medical records of patients with treatment-resistant depression for the period from 1991 to 2010. Clinical and therapeutic indicators that allow establishing the patterns for pathomorphism of treatment resistant depression.

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  • The studying of providers in the management of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Preferred different treatment regimens. Antiretroviral therapy and multidrug combinations for medication of opportunistic infections. The regimens or new diagnostic tools.

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  • The discussion possible future strategies for the treatment of the avulsed tooth. Guidelines on treatment of the avulsed tooth in Traumatology. The views on the alternative treatment. The techniques and methods of deep tooth restoration after injury.

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  • Анализ причин эмфизематозного карбункула. Источники инфекции и пути естественного заражения. Восприимчивость различных видов животных. Клиническая картина и течение болезни. Рассмотрение мер борьбы и профилактики. Анализ предохранительных прививок.

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  • The chromosomal anomalies, microdeletions of AZF region of Y-chromosome and CFTR gene mutations. Genetic factor of infertility and Y-chromosome AZF region microdeletions of males with spermatogenetic failure. The frequency of CFTR major mutation F508del.

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  • The use of computed radiography (CR) for the diagnosis of human body parts or organs. Unlike direct radiography: the use of x-rays instead luminfor tapes image is read via a special digital scanner. Medical applications: advantages, disadvantages.

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  • The study of a healthy relationship between man and animal, and environmental conditions. Mainstreaming environmental medicine study. Characteristics of the field of military and environmental medicine. Prevention of diseases caused by pollution.

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  • Apical leakage as a cause of failure. Importance of coronal leakage in failure of root canal treatment. Coronal leakage associated with molar teeth. Post space preparation and coronal leakage. Other factors influencing coronal leakage. Root canal therapy.

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  • The risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Falling estrogen levels during menopause. The influence of bioflavonoid quercetin on some components of inflammation in postmenopausal women. Leukocyte indicators and degree of endogenous intoxication.

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  • The treatment of fractured teeth can be complicated. This case report describes a case of crown-root fracture of a left lower first molar in which endodontic treatment and rapid orthodontic eruption of the tooth made good prosthetic restoration possible.

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  • Вплив різних видів низькоінтенсивного лазерного випромінювання на психічну адаптацію хворих АГ. Динаміка клініко-функціонального стану хворих (артеріальний тиск, толерантність до фізичного навантаження) під впливом повторних курсів лазеротерапії.

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  • Классификация травматологических повреждений: механические, термические, электрические, химические и лучевые. Методика обследования пострадавших с повреждениями конечностей. Травмы мягких тканей, повреждения костно-суставного аппарата и костей таза.

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  • Ознакомление с критериями диагностики фоновой патологии. Рассмотрение национального календаря профилактических прививок в Республике Казахстан. Определение временных и постоянных медицинских противопоказаний к проведению профилактических прививок.

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  • Правильный уход за кожей лица и телом во время беременности. Особенности спа-ухода во время беременности. Основные проблемы, с которыми мужчины чаще всего обращаются за косметологической помощью. Косметологические проблемы в подростковый период.

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