• Введение ацильной группы RCO в молекулу органического соединения путем замещения атома водорода. Получение кетонов, сложных эфиров и амидов в современном органическом синтезе. Схемы реакций Фриделя-Крафтса, этерификации и взаимодействия аммиака с ацилом.

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  • Memory Hierarchy. Internal or Main memory. Time between presenting the address and getting the valid data. Physical arrangement of bits into words. Cache Read Operation. Typical Cache Organization. Comparison of Cache Sizes. Direct Mapping Cache.

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  • Definition of the concept of "coaching", its influence on the development of the managerial potential of enterprise. Indicators for assessing the development of the professional, qualification, creativity and organizational ability of user of coaching.

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  • Цемент як загальна назва мінеральних в'яжучих порошкоподібних матеріалів, які після затворення їх водою переходять у твердий каменеподібний стан при звичайній температурі і використовується для зв'язування з іншими матеріалами. Сфери його використання.

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  • Caesium or cesium is the chemical element with the symbol Cs and atomic number 55. There are characteristics, applications (other applications and nuclear applications), history, occurrence, isotopes and precautions about Caesium in this summary.

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  • There are notable characteristics, occurrence, applications (compounds, H and K lines), history, compounds, isotopes, nutrition (dietary calcium supplements, prevention of fractures due to osteoporosis, possible cancer prevention, overdose) about calcium.

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  • The various formulations of calcium hydroxide. The use of active components that have been added to calcium hydroxide, including antimicrobial and antiinflammatory agents. Determination of the p-monochlorophenol residue in the calcium hydroxide.

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  • Analysis of the structure of the electromagnet. Features of the equivalent circuit of the electromagnet. Stages of the calculation of the magnetic flux and the electromagnetic force. Consideration of ways to determine the electromagnetic forces.

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  • Study recurrent factions fourth order. Contacting algebra fourth order. Building a sustainable rate calculation algorithms recurrent factions. Definition of communication between periodic recurrent about fractions and real positive roots of equations.

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  • Theoretical studies allow developing a theoretical substantiated method for calculating the stability of spray vortex countercurrent mass transfer device. Review and characterization of the effect on the drop centrifugal force and resistance forces.

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  • Hemodynamics as the movement of blood through the vessels that occurs due to difference hydrostatic pressure in various parts of the circulatory system. Results of real-patient graph calculations. Circulatory system and its separation into two parts.

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  • The combination of a macrocyclic platform and alfa-hydroxymethylphosphonate group for the inhibition activities of compounds. Computer-simulated docking studies using AutoDock 4.2 programme by the example of PTP1B. Stereoisomeric forms of the inhibitors.

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  • Этапы жизненного цикла изделий и промышленные автоматизированные системы. Управление проектами и заданиями, качеством. Базовые технологии управления данными и информационные модели. Интегрированная логистическая поддержка. Реинжиниринг бизнес-процессов.

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  • Основное программное обеспечение CALS-технологий. Возможности применения CALS–технологий для информационной поддержки системы менеджмента качества ВУЗа. Единая интегрированная система управления ВУЗом. Системы интегрированной логистической поддержки.

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  • The description of the history of Cambridge University. Author focuses on the older colleges, which are more likely to be of interest to the tourist or casual visitor to Cambridge. Cambridge University today boasts 31 colleges and over 13,000 students.

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  • The concept of death by Heidegger and Derrida. Deconstruction: Tying the Knot Tighter. Death as an Aporetic Possibility. Death as an aporetic possibility in the works of philosophers. Place the phrase "Can I die?" Research in Heidegger and Derrida.

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  • Dewey's metaphysics, a description of the generic traits of existence. Comparing the traits of nature with nature existing. Ontological status of real character. The continuity between logic and metaphysics. A non-ontological interpretation of logic.

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  • The source of real exchange rate uctuations: deviations from the law of one price for traded goods in the relative prices of nontraded to traded goods across countries or both. The correlation between the real exchange rate and relative consumption.

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  • How will Britain remain prosperous and influential in the XXI-st century? The high-value-added activities in which Britain is a world-better. How much do these activities matter to the UK? The London economy. The UK approach to financial regulation.

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  • Living together as a problem for all sorts of "us" and "them". Problem of the question "can we live together" (and how), his crucial to our common fate. Talcott Parsons’s "system". Our social identities as members of ethnic, religious, or national groups.

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