• The few exceptions included the materialistic philosophies or psychologies of Democritus, Hobbes, Gassendi, La Mettrie, Watson. Chomsky’s nativistic analysis of language into psychology. Creating the eld of artificial intelligence to simulate the humans.

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  • The concept of cold chain in Ukraine, key elements and stages of organizing refrigeration circuit. The development of the national cold chain from the standpoint of implementation of intelligent systems for monitoring of perishable goods in real time.

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  • U.S. - Soviet relations in Cold War period. Causes and Interpretations. The Cold War Years Chronology. The Truman Doctrine. The Role of Cold War in American History and Diplomacy. Declaration of the Cold War. Cold War Issues. The main Cold War's events.

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  • Monosaccharides and disaccharides. Glycosaminoglycans and dlycoproteins. Energy conservation at membranes. Tricarboxylic acid cycle. Transamination and deamination. Amino acid biosynthesis. Cenetic engineering in medicine. Control of muscle contraction.

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  • Analysis of the use of a combined solar collector for heat supply of buildings to enhance the efficiency of solar system by increasing the surface area of absorption of solar energy. The study of the intensity of the solar radiation on the collector.

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  • The history of the development of the concept of a command economy. The essence and characteristic features of modern centrally planned economy. Advantages and disadvantages of a command economy. The most frequently cited examples of command economies.

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  • Possible structural design siphon micro hydroelectric power stations in terms of their effectiveness and the selection of the optimum head pressure. Gravitational constant (acceleration due to gravity). Calculation of hydraulic friction in the turbine.

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  • The situation in the sphere of property management in the territorial communities of Ukraine. The priority directions establishing a new form of ownership. Characteristic the main reasons for the formation of new structures of public administration.

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  • The goals of language teaching. The aspects of language knowledge. The processes of second language learning. The kinds of classroom activities that best facilitate learning. The roles of teachers and learners in the classroom. Proposals for a syllabus.

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  • Home reading as a goal of foreign language learning. Communicative-visual means as the essential part in home reading teaching. The development of the lesson. Different types of exercises. Classification of exercises to work on the texts of home reading.

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  • The definition of "symphony" are lengthy form of musical composition for orchestra, normally consisting of several large sections, or movements. Three parts the "Symphony" by Dziga Vertov: "Church", "Mining-Plants", "Kolkhoz". The "Symphony of Donbass".

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  • The study of the composition and the structure of the original and modified lignocellulosic materials. Analysis of the dependence of sorption properties of lignocellulosic composites in relation to heavy metals from changes in the functional composition.

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  • Determine three blocks of characteristics that enhance to understand the nature of these types: economic characteristics, innovation activity and governance. Examination results of the comparative analysis of these development types is conducted.

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  • Nonlinear regimes of 1D parametric instabilities of long-wave plasma waves are considered for the cases when the average plasma field energy density is less or greater than the plasma thermal energy. The evolution of ion energy distribution is studied.

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  • Silicon Valley - home to many of the world's largest technology corporations as well as thousands of small startups. Zhongguancun as a technology hub in Haidian District, Beijing, China. Features of notable education and research centers in the USA.

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  • Especially the use of simulators to create a network for conducting research in the field of computer networking. Research simulators (Ns-2, Oрnet, PacketTracer, etc.), their comparison on the basis of performance IP networking with the security settings.

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  • Brief review, general description and comparison of major holidays and national traditions of Great Britain and Russia, features in organization of holidays. Intercommunication of holidays with religion. Appearance of new consuetudes and traditions.

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  • The occurrence of compensation effect on massive and supported oxide catalysts of CO oxidation is shown. The explanation of compensation effect is offered based on the data on the surface state of the catalysts that are obtained means desorption method.

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  • The causes of non-symmetric modes in networks. Single-ended and non-sinusoidal modes. Compensation of reactive power. Power factor in the ac electric traction. Installation of the crosswise, longitudinal and transverse-longitudinal compensation.

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  • The concept of competitive advantage, major misconceptions about the creation of competitive advantage. The basic nature of competition. The factors that determine the nature and degree of competition in an industry. The main flaws of strategic thinking.

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