• Allocation and Sizing of Distribution Transformers and Feeders. Planning of Distribution Networks under Load Growth. Optimization Methods for Power System Problems. List of Tables, Principle Symbols and Acronyms. Statement of Original Authorship.

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  • A leaf cell consists of metabolic compartments. The use of energy from sunlight by photosynthesis is the basis of life. Photosynthesis is an electron transport process. ATP is generated by photosynthesis. Mitochondria are the power station of the cell.

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  • Отличительные особенности таймеров. Предустановка и программирование счетчика. Построение импульсной диаграммы для отсчёта бита. Моделирование генератора включения и выключения прямоугольных импульсов с заданными величинами работы мультивибратора.

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  • Рассмотрение и характеристика особенностей Fidelio Suite 8, как единой базы данных под управлением одной из самых надёжных в мире систем управления базами данных Oracle. Ознакомление с главными методами гибкой интеграции с основными системами отеля.

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  • The content of PNA+ receptors on the plasma membrane of intraepithelial lymphocytes and stromal lymphocytes of major salivary glands in newborn animals after intrauterine antigen action. A lower content of SBA+ lymphocytes in the experimental group.

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  • Developing the extremely dangerous and a serious infectious illness in young children. The conditions of treatment in hospital in case of pneumonia. The functional diagnostics of disease in infants. The treatment of bacterial and viral pneumonia.

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  • Assessment of the extent of Poland's influence in the EU's Eastern policy since the beginning of the 21st century. The prevention of new barriers on the Eastern border. Relations with Ukraine and partners with which it collaborates in many areas.

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  • Traditions of a giving a name at a christening. Features of formation and use of diminutives in the Polish language. History of occurrence of the Polish surnames, their classification and features of the letter, and also the list of most known of them.

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  • Politeness as a subject of scientific research, its concept, strategy and sociological factors. Culture-specific aspects of the implementation strategy of politeness. Analysis of excerpts from "Rose Madder", "Pig Island", "Hanging Hill" and "Duma Key".

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  • Consideration history formation of the European Union, which has been the most advanced and successful alliances of the independent countries. Studying and characterization of what made European governments act against their cautious political interests.

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  • The style of the official documents. The translation: aims and objectives. The main features of the political document. The peculiarities of the translation of the political document. The lexical, grammatical and stylistic difficulties in translation.

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  • Determination and history of origin of politics and political science. Constitution, as major and basic политико-правовой normative act. Political system of Great Britain of the USA and Ukraine. Concept of democracy. Basic political leaders of the world.

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  • A constitutional monarchy of Great Britain. Buckingham Palace as the Queen residence in London. The Parliament as the supreme legislative body and the highest authority in a country. The three official branches of the federal government in the USA.

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  • Canada like a North American country, which located in the northern part of the continent. Political System of Canada: federal system of Parliament, a group of political parties and the Senate. Description of National Flag and Anthem of Canada.

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  • The comparison of British and Ukrainian political system: Ukraine is a respublic; the Britain is considered to be a parliamentary monarchy. The Ukrainian and the British Parliaments functions. The organs of goverment in Ukraine and United Kingdom of GB.

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  • United Kingdom within the framework of a constitutional monarchy. The political system of Great Britain. The United Kingdom Government. The Prime Minister and Cabinet. The study of the activities of government departments. the Constitutional Reform Act.

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  • Pollution features in Ukraine. The impact of human activities and industrial development on pollution. Ukrainian cities with major chronic air pollution problems. Researching of the problems of chronic coastal water pollution in the Transkarpatien.

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  • Investigation of the role of poly (ADP-ribose) and the PAR polymerases that catalysis the synthesis of nicotinamide adenine in molecular and cellular processes: DNA damage detection and repair, chromatin modification and mitotic apparatus function.

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  • The conductive nanocomposite films on the basis of reactionary copolymers received. The threshold of their percolation is determined. It was shown that its value depends on the size of specific surface of nanotubes and conditions of composite obtaining.

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  • The analyze of the effectiveness of Polioksidony in the treatment of patients with chronic staphylococcus’s pharyngitis on background. It was found that the inclusion in the treatment of patients Polioksidony normalizes biotsinoz oropharyngeal secretions.

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