• The most practical table for use with low altitude observations. The speed of light. The absolute index of refraction of a substance. The computing astronomical refraction. F corrective factor for variation in air density. Refrection correction table.

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  • History of forming of scotch language and him some general signs with English. Feature of diphthongs - sounds the articulation of which implies a transition from one vowel to other. The Celtic language and highland English after replacing Gaelic.

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  • Порт параллельного интерфейса служит для подключения принтера LPT-порт - Line PrinTer - построчного принтера. BIOS обеспечивает поддержку LPT-порта, необходимую для организации вывода по интерфейсу Centronics или его отечественным аналогом интерфейсу ИРПР

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  • Суть поняття соціолекту. Виникнення, естетичні відмінності між "Lunfardo" та "Lunfardesco". Структурно-морфологічні особливості "Lunfardo". Молодіжний сленг як своєрідний засіб вербалізації буття. Особливості вживання та формулювання лексики "Lunfardo".

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  • Lung abscess is necrosis of the pulmonary tissue and formation of cavities (more than 2 cm) containing necrotic debris or fluid caused by microbial infection. Organisms. Causes. Signs and symptoms. Diagnosis and Management. Complications. Prognosis.

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  • Lustration as the political form of legitimization of the new state regime. Basic rules of the political rituals of purification. Political system of Czech Republic and Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Albania. The policy totalitarianism in Russia.

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  • The main differentiation of the L’Oreal Paris Company. Goods and Service Design. Product life cycle management. The term "Cosmetovigilance" in L’Oreal Cosmetics. Quality and Safety of the products. Supplier and distributor selection. Supply Chain.

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