• Characteristics of the language of economics. Loanwords that appear in the language of economics, which is, and always was, determined by intercultural contacts as well as by inner communication within a given community. English loanwords from French.

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  • Characteristics of the inflammatory condition of the lungs, affecting mainly microscopic air sacs, known as alveoli. Determination of signs and symptoms of pneumonia. Assessment of possible risk factors. Study of the main ways of treating the disease.

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  • Successful management of pain emergencies is a strong component of clinical excellence. The major and main mechanisms of local anesthetic failure and focuses on available evidence for developing effective and efficient approaches in local anesthesia.

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  • The study covered selected Polish communes divided into the groups of urban, urban-rural and rural communes. The authors assessed effects, described barriers and introduced proposals how to improve the efficiency of local authorities' activities.

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  • Analysis of evaluation methods of localization. The influence of localization of firms on its economic performance. Development of cluster analysis to search for new ways to support enterprises in the conditions of stagnation of economy in Russia.

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  • Ecological priorities in the business. The organizational structure of enterprises operating functions in the system of economical-economical management. Using ecological factors to improve the competitiveness of products and businesses in general.

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  • Loch Ness and its monster are both found in northern Scotland. Loch Ness is part of the Great Glen. The Loch Ness "monster" -affectionately known as "Nessie" - is an alleged plesiosaur-like creature living in Loch Ness, a long, deep lake near Inverness.

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  • Introduction to the methods of teaching reading texts in English. Characteristic for specific information by finding the description of a monster and location of Loch Ness. Consideration and analysis of major exercise for fixing the studied topics.

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  • The analysis of the philosophical doctrine of the English scientist John Locke's of man and theory of knowledge. The problems of the philosophy of nature and science in his works. Study and criticism of Locke judgments about the people and substances.

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  • Attempt to draw lessons from the metalogical philosophical texts. Interpretation of formulas as the basic truths or basic items of knowledge that are chosen as an axiom, an interpretation of a derivative truths - given appropriate transformation rules.

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  • The logic as the heart of mathematics, indicating some of the areas of difficulty and some of the opportunities that exist in mathematics. The role of investigative work and the place of formal proofs. The main purpose of the mathematics course.

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  • Features of the new movement in European philosophy. Consideration of exposure of logical positivism and the answer to the problem of the relation s between the logical and the empirical. Analysis and characterization of the Rassell-Whitehead system.

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  • London is a leading global city, with strengths in the arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, professional services, research and development, tourism, and transport, it is one of the world's financial centres.

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  • London as the capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the largest city in the British Isles. The main features of the geographical and economic situation. Characteristic features of the territorial Edinburg, Cardiff, Belfast.

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  • The study of the place where the British government sits. Consideration of the structural features of the chapel of Big Ben. Study parameters Tower Bridge. Defining characteristics of Buckingham Palace. Identify tourist attraction Oxford Street.

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  • Information about the brown long-eared bats in Luhansk region, to consider the prevalence, typical habitats and analyze morphometric peculiarities of the species. The presence of a stable local population of the brown long-eared bats in Luhansk region.

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  • Histological studies of inflammation of fibrous connective tissue. The surgical removal of a painful process. Drug encapsulation technique in the root canal periapical region of the left central incisor tooth. Analysis of representation of the case.

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  • A formal result of the longitudinal force acting on a moving potential. The equivalence between the adiabatic perturbation theory and the kinetic theory for the longitudinal force in the dilute gas limit. The longitudinal force. Long-ranged potentials.

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  • The British poet and one of the greatest poets-romanticists. Aristocratic excesses of lord Byron. Political career, life abroad. Participation in military operations. Wound and death of the great poet. The most well-known literary works of the poet.

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  • Scientific achievements of the French chemist and microbiologist Louis Pasteur. Identifying the causes of childhood diseases and infant mortality, the use of vaccination. The acquisition of a degree in the physical sciences in the Higher Normal School.

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